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What Types of Businesses Need SEO Copywriting

Understanding the Businesses that need SEO Copywriting

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In today’s competitive digital world, you need to gather as much edge as you can over your competitors. One of the vital components to achieving this is by using the right SEO Copywriting. However, you first need to know what types of businesses need SEO copywriting.

With that knowledge, you can now proceed. It is also important to know that for your website to continue ranking high on search engines; you must constantly update your content. Even when you update your content, you should understand that the competition to rank well on search engines is on top gear daily. With this rising competition, you must deploy effective strategies for SEO Copywriting.

What is SEO Copywriting?

For you to effectively understand what SEO Copywriting is, it is pertinent you have a good understanding of the meaning of SEO and copywriting separately. This exposition will open you up to the correct understanding of what SEO copywriting entail. It will also further give you a fundamental understanding of what types of businesses need SEO copywriting.

What is SEO?

In simple terms, SEO is the process you will go through to make your website or brand rank high on search engines. It is called search engine optimization. It makes it easy for your brand to be found online easily by your desired audience.

SEO: Photo by FreeBoilerGrants

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is persuasive writing that can compel your audience to take a specific action. For instance, the action could be to buy a product or service, subscribe to a list, or click on a link. Hence, any write-up that can compel your audience to do what you want them to do is copywriting.

Consequently, SEO Copywriting is a write-up aimed at making it possible for your brand to be found easily on search engines and compel your audience to take specific actions. What this kind of writing does is that it combines the function of SEO and copywriting together. Hence, the result of such writing will be that of both copywriting and SEO. The next question to ask is; why do businesses need SEO copywriting?

Why do businesses need SEO copywriting?

Here are some of the reasons why businesses need SEO copywriting:

1. Your brand takes the front seat:

When searching for anything on the internet, the page you will most likely go through is the first page. It will interest you that 75% of researchers do not go past the first page during their search. No business enterprise should underplay the effectiveness of SEO copywriting.

Make Profit
Make Profit: Photo by Karolina Grabowska

SEO copywriting is the magic that will move your brand to the front page. When your brand is on the first page, you have a competitive advantage over your competitors. Your competitor’s audience sees you before them. With great SEO copywriting content, you’d secure the bag before they move on to the next page if they would at all.

2. Your business becomes more known to the right audience:

Your business is not for everybody but for a specific set of individuals. SEO copywriting will help you project your business to the right audience.

If you take a ride heading in the wrong direction, no matter how long you stay on the bus, you will never be satisfied because you will never get to your destination. SEO copywriting is the guide that will help you attract clients who will always be satisfied with your goods or services.

You do not need all of the people on the internet; you only need those on the internet who needs your product or service. SEO copywriting will be your audience’s guide. When you hire a great copywriter, most of your audience will become your clients. Hence, good SEO copywriting help you attract a targeted audience that will eventually do business with you.

3. Generation of Audience from backlinks:

According to Ahrefs.com, top ranking pages generate a minimum of 5-14% of backlinks. The rationale behind this proposition is that after good SEO copywriting has helped you take the front seat, your website has a higher chance of being referenced in a topic with similar keywords.

With this, you stand a chance of earning links from authoritative websites. The links you earned from those websites will earn you some traffic from the website you are linked to. In addition, backlinks help you build authority. You promote your business with the influence of the sites that use your link with backlinks. Remember that for anyone to be able to reference your site, it has to be credible.

4. Make More Profit:

Effective SEO copywriting will bring traffic to your website. How does this work? Research from higher visibility websites proves that organic traffic emanates from 53% of website traffic. Don’t also forget that a good ad needs effective SEO copywriting skills. It is not enough to attract customers by being on the front page. Even after you have attracted those customers, you need to be able to make them stay.

What kind of businesses require SEO copywriting?

Do you still want to know what types of businesses need SEO copywriting? Then, pay close attention to this part. Every business that wants to thrive either on an international level or on a local level needs SEO copywriting. If you operate a business and have decided to take your business online, SEO copywriting is one of the skills you cannot underplay in the scheme of things.

Henceforth, any business that has decided to have an online presence to make a profit needs SEO copywriters. If not, such a person needs to have SEO copywriting skills.

The rationale behind that submission is that for any business to strive effectively online to match and supersede competitors, they need to be seen by the audience first and then persuaded to buy your product or service.

How to Choose the best SEO copywriters for your business

Now that you know what types of businesses need SEO copywriting, to choose the best copywriter for your business, you need to be able to distinguish between a good writer and a good SEO Copywriter.

Copywriter: Photo by J. Kelly Brito

Writing is an art, and anybody can write anything. Yes! You saw that clearly; it wasn’t a mistake. Anybody can write anything!

But SEO Copywriting is a skill. Not just a skill, but one that should be learned. Not every good and skilled writer can write a good copy. Why is this the case? It is because there are different types of writers. We have academic writers, poets, article writers, and much more. Those kinds of writings require different kinds of skills.

Hence, you cannot afford to have a good product or service to render and not be careful enough to hire an effective copywriter or be an effective Copywriter yourself. Also, to hire a good copywriter, you must know what qualities to look for.

Qualities to look out for before hiring an SEO Copywriter

Here are some of the top qualities to look out for when hiring an SEO Copywriter:

1. Top-notch research skills:

For anyone to effectively write a good copy, such an individual must know how to ask the right questions. Beyond typing words on Google, a good researcher must know how to ask the right questions. The skill of asking the right questions also comes to play when the writer needs to ask the right questions to understand the scope of the business or service.

A good understanding of the business will help you create the right ideas for the company. Hence, you will be able to write great copies for the business. A good research skill also helps the SEO Copywriter to get credible backlinks. Furthermore, good research skill helps you find great facts that will benefit your website and make it a credible backlink to other websites.

2. Good knowledge of your audience:

A good SEO copywriter must know your prospective target audience. Such a person must also be familiar with their mode of communication, the kind of language they use, and their pain point.

3. In-depth Comprehension of Copywriting skills:

Remember that you earlier read that SEO Copywriting combines both copywriting and SEO skills. Well, that may not be how you read it, but that’s what it is. If this is the case, a great SEO copywriter must have sound copywriting knowledge. A great SEO copywriter must be able to write a compelling piece that will prompt your audience to take the necessary action you want them to take. Also, such a writer understands how Google reacts or will react to any keyword they use. When hiring an SEO copywriter, ensure they have sound copywriting knowledge.

4. A good Knowledge of Keyword Optimization:

A brilliant SEO copywriter does not joke with keywords. The keyword is one of the heartbeats of search engine optimization. You are also free to describe SEO copywriting as KEYWORD OPTIMIZED COPY (KOC). How does that sound? Human beings read copies, and search engines read them too. For search engines to put your content to your desired audience’s face, it needs to understand what you have written.

For search engines to understand who you want to see your copy, you must use the right keyword sufficiently while avoiding being excessive or choky. Hence, before you hire an SEO copywriter, ensure they have the requisite knowledge of both SEO and copywriting.


Whether you want your business to remain local, you need a new audience for sustainability. And that you can achieve by bringing your brand online. You can also read more on the benefits of having a website for your brand.

Now that you know what types of businesses need SEO copywriting and the required skill to look out for when hiring a copywriter, you can scale greater heights. However, the earlier you start, the better for your brand. The online market space is growing every day.

Table of Contents

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