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The Iconic Advantage

Better, Faster and Cheaper!
You hardly get the trio. The combination of high quality, cheaper price and faster turnaround is what we call The Iconic Advantage.

About The Iconic Advantage
The Girl Den

Very communicative…despite the time difference

Iconic was very communicative about the entire process, and despite the time difference, was able to respond and coordinate to get the job done. I appreciate the honesty and recommendations about my original design and some of the issues that Iconic was able to correct and work around to achieve what I designed as close as possible. Will definitely be booking again!

The Girl Den

United States of America
Melanie Dish 2

Timely, friendly, good design, good communication

This provider did a wonderful job of creating a site design in WP with Elementor, as we requested, which captured the look and feel of our company and the services we provide. The website turned out great, works well, and is easy for us to update, which is another thing we were looking for. Timely, friendly, good design, good communication; a job well done!

Melanie Dish

United States of America
Wade Adams 2

Their work is AMAZING!

Iconic Digital World is very helpful, friendly, and professional. Their work is AMAZING! They have delivered exactly what I wanted, down to every detail. They also delivered on an addition to the scope with no fuss. Highly recommended! – Thanks you ID 🙂

Wade Adams

Testimonial Quote 2b 1

The best I have ever worked with

The quality and simplicity of working with Iconic Digital World is incredible. If you want an agency to build you a great website and have no problems, Iconic is hands down the best I have ever worked with.


United States of America
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About The Iconic Advantage and Instant Quote for web design

What The Iconic Advantage really means:

How we Deliver Better Services

Better means:

  1. Higher Quality. We create a masterpiece from each project.

  2. Creative and Intuitive. We use the best tools to get you the best results. This means Custom Deliveries that are tailored towards your business model and unique customers.

How we deliver your Projects Faster

Faster means:

  1. Quick Service Delivery. Minimum 10 times faster than our competitors.

  2. Fast Team/Support Response. Mostly responds almost immediately or in few minutes.

Why our Services are Transparent

No Hidden Costs. Our unbelievable pricing is not a bait to something bigger. You will not pay more than the agreed price.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a team of freelancers who are not limited to a 9-5 job. We work as long as possible to meet up with deadlines. Also, some have many year’s experience, and with the most sophisticated tools, we are able to work faster…just to make you happy.

We only employ the best talents with creative arts/creative design background and lots of experience.

Because we live by the F.O.G. principle, we keep our words. But you know…in case your project comes behind schedule and it’s entirely our fault*, we take the stroke for it in the following ways:

  • 1 day (24hrs) late: full project deliver + 10% service fee refund
  • 3 days (72hrs) late: full project delivery + 20% service fee refund
  • 5 days (120hrs) late: full project delivery + 20% service charge refund.

Our Staff:  Because our freelancers get paid majorly per project, they also get their pay slashed by the same formula above. They don’t like it, so they do everything possible to deliver before deadlines

*Please note: delivery lateness does not include:

  1. You requested late revisions just before the project deadline after we have done initial submission.
  2. You did not respond to our messages in time
  3. You requested changes or additions not part of the original project requirements (in fact we may charge you more)
We provide two options:
  1. Self-management
  2. We manage for you

1. Self-management: We offer online courses at a very small price where you learn how to carry out simple content management, updates, and upgrades. Learn More2. We manage for you: for a monthly fee, you can put all the stress on us. We take care of all your content updates, uploads, software upgrades and updates. Learn More 

A trial will convince you. See what other wonderful people like you are saying. Check out testimonials now

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