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Website Redesign Strategy Template

5 Key Features to Look Out For

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Your desire to know a website redesign strategy template is most probably born out of your need to redesign your website. Are you frustrated with the current outlook and functionality of your website? Is your current bounce rate high that you realize that you need a website redesign? Going through this article on the website redesign strategy template is the answer you need. All of these steps are very important to the success of your website redesign, therefore, adhere to them carefully.

Website design strategy template
Website design strategy template – Photo by Leon on Unsplash

Key Elements Neccessary For Building An Effective Website Redesign Strategy Template 

1. Check your Website’s Performance Metrics

Among the over 1.5 billion websites that exist on the internet, some record traffic overkill, while others seem to get next to nothing. Aside from content, what makes prospects troop into a website is the user experience. You have to ensure that your user experience is outstanding. How do you determine your users’ experience? You achieve this by checking your Performance Metrics (PM). Also, before you set out to design your current website, you probably had a goal for the site. Over the years since you have been using this site, have you achieved all of your set goals?

The only way to ascertain this is through your website’s performance metrics. The question on your mind right now is how do I check my performance metrics? Some things to look out for when you want to determine your performance metrics are page speed, website bounce rate, and how frequently error occurs on your site. Some other factors you could look out for are the health of your technical SEO, your site authority score, visibility index, behavior analytics, and user feedbacks, videos played, and percentage watched, leads, and goal completion.

Check your Website's Performance Metrics
Check your Website’s Performance Metrics – Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

2. Set a goal for Redesign

After going through the first step, you need to highlight what you intend to achieve with your web redesign? Without a goal, you may not know what to focus on. This aspect leads to why you want to redesign your website. What exactly do you want to achieve with the redesign? If you carefully applied the first step above, fixing any fault that affects your PM should be included in your goal.

Involve every stakeholder in your business; a representative from each department of your business is sufficient. From the stakeholders, you should gather quality information. From all information gathered, you can determine what more your audience will appreciate if included in your redesign. Another insight you can get from this is another relevant functionality you can include in your website’s redesign process. Thereafter, you can set your goal already then share it with your stakeholders to review your website redesign goals.

3. Make your Content of High Priority

Here is a quick reminder for you; content is one of the vital elements of your website, therefore, it should be treated as such. You can find out more on how to get content for your website. When considering a redesign, DO NOT clear out all suspicious content in a rush. Instead, painstakingly look through all contents and take note of the high-ranking ones. 

Any content that contributes very much to your SEO ranking should be retained so that your SEO ranking will not be affected negatively. How do you recognize such a page? You will recognize it by how much it is shared, and how many inbound links the article has generated, or better still, visit the google analytics section of your site.

You can also know this by how much time your audience spends on the article and consequently, the on-site time Instead of getting rid of such content, update it in a way that will not affect the SEO ranking. This very step is a vital ingredient in this website redesign strategy template you should not skip!

4. Choose the best software

Determine what kinds of software you will use for your redesign. While doing this, ensure you pick the best. There are various Content Management systems (CMS) you can use, from all, you should pick the best. The plug-ins you decide to use also matters a lot as they will affect the functionality of your site.

If your website is for e-commerce, some of the e-commerce software you should consider are WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify. It is pertinent to choose the best software for your graphics designs too. Some of the softwares to consider for graphics are Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Affinity Designer, and Adobe Illustrator.

Be critical in your Analysis
Be critical in your Analysis – Photo by Lukas from Pexels

5. Critical Analysis of your Competition is vital

Someone has done something similar to what you are about to do, no matter how novel you may think your niche is. For those who are in a very competitive niche, numerous websites are doing what you are doing. Some of your competitors have been there before you. Looking them up will help you know what has made them relevant. The reason for analyzing your competitors is to help you with the current trend in your niche.

By knowing them, you will know what not to add to your redesign process. You will also get to know what you need to include in your current website redesign template to make things better. A good evaluation of your competitors will equip you with great insight into the kind of website structure that works.


Now that you have gone through all the steps above on the website redesign strategy template, your website redesign project is on the way to success. If you have any challenges as you go through any of these processes, you can consult with professionals who will guide you through them. You do not have to struggle too long when there is a willing hand available to help you. The team at ICONIC DIGITAL WORLD has a proven track record and will do all it takes to make sure your professional website comes out nothing less than perfect.

Table of Contents

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