5 Effective and Key Elements of a Web Page in 2022 (Updated)

key elements of a web page

A webpage comprises several elements and those that you will come across here are the key elements of a web page. The combination of these elements greatly impacts user experience. By reading this article, you will be able to distinguish between a web page and a website. Also, with the information you gather here, you […]

Can I Transfer My WordPress To Wix?

WordPress to Wix Migration

So, we have had many questions about switching from WordPress to Wix platforms such as “Can I transfer my WordPress to Wix? “Is it possible to transfer a blog from WordPress to Wix “What is the best way to transfer a blog from WordPress to Wix or What is the best way to transfer from […]

Best Small Business Website Builders in 2022

Best Small Business Website Builder in 2022

Website builders are the tools that allow you to build a website without any coding or programming skills. We understand that learning a programing language is not your thing. You want to build your website and have it running as fast as possible. These carefully selected best small business website builders will allow you to […]

8 Outstanding Benefits of Website Design for Business

8 Outstanding Benefits of Website Design for Business

In this ever-growing and innovative generation of creatives, business owners realize the great benefits of website design for business. If you are uncertain of any uses of website design for business, sit back and do not skip any part of this article, it will be of immense help to you. You must know that global […]

I Need a Website for my Business – 14 things you wish you knew earlier

I Need a Website for my Business

As a business in the 21st century, realizing that you need a website for your business is equivalent to discovering Facebook yesterday (pun intended). In fact, it demands an emergency board meeting to discuss how you can make up for the tons of lead-generating traffic your competitors have enjoyed for years to the detriment of […]

Redesigning a WordPress website

Redesigning a WordPress website

Improving your website’s visual appearance is a great way to attract and retain visitors. According to Research Gate, 94% of a website’s first impression to visitors is based solely on how it looks. The result of this statistic shows that your website’s design is paramount to its success. However, you might argue that you already […]

What are the websites that need redesign?

What are the websites that need redesign?

Confused about whether your site is one of those that need a redesign? You’re fortunately at the right place reading this article. Your website represents your company online, it also depicts what your company can offer. Although website owners and designers have their take on what a great website is, popularity or visits aren’t really […]

When is it time to Redesign your Website?

When is it time to redesign your website?

As an online business owner, when is it time to redesign your website? Well, that’s what this article talks about. A website is one of the most important marketing assets a business could own in today’s digital age. For many businesses, the channel with which they reach each of their targeted customers is through a […]

How Long does it take to Redesign a Website?

How Long Does It Take to Redesign a Website

Before you consider how long does it takes to redesign a website, you must have looked at your brand website lately and concluded that it needed a revamp. However, remember your website is your brand’s window to the world. It creates the first impression of your brand on prospective clients and the longer it stays […]

How to Plan a Website Layout to Maximize Social Media for Small Businesses

How to plan a website layout to maximize social media for small businesses

As a small business owner, taking advantage of social media platforms will help you reach your targeted audience easily and help you gain strong online visibility. Think of platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram helping you get new clients and grow your brand. In recent research, Pew Research Center found out that not less than […]