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How Long does it take to Redesign a Website?

5 Simple Step by Step Guidelines to Redesign a Top Quality Website

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Before you consider how long does it takes to redesign a website, you must have looked at your brand website lately and concluded that it needed a revamp. However, remember your website is your brand’s window to the world. It creates the first impression of your brand on prospective clients and the longer it stays down, the more visitors you lose and potential customers.

When we talk to our clients about redesigning their website, the first question at the top of their minds is, “How long does it take to design a website?” “Would I have to shut down operations for a long period?” The short answer is, “It all depends”. Many variables affect the duration of your website redesign. We will discuss all that in this article. But before you decide to redesign your website, you need to understand what it entails.

How Long Does It Take to Redesign a Website
How Long does It take to Redesign a Website – Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

A website redesign is a process of changing the visual layout and structure of your website to improve your user’s experience and perception. Redesigning your website can also increase your website traffic and conversion rate. There are different approaches to redesign your website depending on your business goals. Basically, you may want to create an entirely new website or alternatively make some significant user interface and design changes to your existing website. 


Why Do I Need To Redesign My Website
Why Do I Need To Redesign My Website -Photo by Le Buzz on Unsplash

We tell our clients that before they ask, “how long does it take to redesign a website?”, they should consider why they need to redesign their website. Reasons for redesigning your website vary depending on your business goals. As a business owner, the need to redesign your website will arise occasionally as you review and redefine your brand strategy and marketing. With each review, you need to evaluate your site’s performance. Then, you can make necessary changes and updates to optimize results.

You may need to redesign your website to:

  1. Update brand messaging and visuals.
  2. Increase site traffic.
  3. Generate more leads.
  4. Drive more sales to your website.
  5. Optimize your site for speed and search engine.
  6. Add functionality to your website.
  7. Optimise your user interface for mobile visitors.
  8. Keep up with new design trends.
  9. Improve your content marketing strategy.
  10. Improve your website security.

Step-By-Step Approach on How to Redesign a Website

Step-by-step approach on how to redesign a website
Step-by-step approach on how to redesign a website – Photo by [email protected] on Unsplash

Redesigning your website involves creating a new frontend and backend (content management system). Creating a new frontend requires a change in site navigation, graphics, page layout, and branding. First, you must determine the number and depth of changes required and create a plan. Having a step-by-step plan determines the success of your website redesign.

Let’s get down to the basic steps on how to redesign your website:

STEP 1: Set Goals and Timelines (1 – 14 Days)

This is a very important step in how to redesign a website. Now, you’ve identified the problems. The next step is to have specific goals for the website redesign. This is the time to prepare your budget, set your expectations and timeline for the project. Setting these goals will guide your website design in giving you the results you desire. Apart from serving as a reference for your redesign, they also give you a template to measure the progress of the project. 

  • How long it takes to set Goals and Timelines: The level of creativity and functionality required for your redesign, determines if you just need a freelancer or an Agency. Additionally, depending on where and how you do your search, you could get the right freelancer in a few minutes to 3 days.
  • STEP 2: Audit your Current Website (1 – 14 Days)

    Planning a Website Audit
    Planning a Website Audit –Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

    After grabbing the https://iconicdigitalworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Best-kid-business-ideas-2021-4.jpg advantage, the next step is to run an in-depth audit of your current website. Running an audit will help you identify what is working and what isn’t. It will give an insight into the changes you need to make and the features that need to be changed. 

    When auditing your website, evaluate your site’s current page performance. Review the analytics of each page by checking the metrics like the page content, traffic, conversions, bounce rates, etc. This will help you determine relevant pages, missing pages, and problematic pages. With this, you can decide which page to leave or remove. 

    Still on page audit, you also need to run a comprehensive SEO audit on your site. An SEO audit helps you to evaluate how well your site is performing on search engines. It also helps identify loopholes that could be negatively affecting your organic search performance like site speed, missing keywords, and poor optimization. You can use analytical software like SEMrush and Google Search Console to run an SEO audit on your site. 

    • How long an audit takes: Depending on how complex your site is and how many pages you have, an audit could be as short as a couple of hours to a month. Can’t wait to look all over the internet for the right way to audit your current website? Try out our free evaluation service now

    STEP 3: Get a Team of Web Designers (1 – 30 Days)

    Before you think of how to do a website redesign, you must assemble a team of badass website designers that will oversee the project. While we are fans of DIYs, you don’t want to wing this one. You need experts who can get the job done to save you the stress of trial and error. In redesigning top-quality websites, Iconic Digital World is your sure bet. You hardly get a combination of high quality, cheaper price, and fast turnaround time. And that’s what makes the Iconic Advantage unique. 

    • How long it takes to get a team: The level of creativity and functionality required for your redesign, determines if you just need a freelancer or an Agency. Additionally, depending on where and how you do your search, you could get the right freelancer in a few minutes to 3 days.

    However, to get the right web design agency, you will need time to:

    STEP 4: Create your Content and Brand Style Guide (7 Days – 3 Weeks)

    Review your current website content and think of innovative ways to revamp your content. Remember, you must craft your content to answer the question on every buyer’s mind, which is; “Can you solve my problem?”

    Your brand style refers to the visual elements of your brand. It includes your typography, font style, font size, color palette, logo, and iconography. Your brand style is important because it influences a customer’s perception of your brand. Thus, you must ensure that it conveys your ideal brand message. 

    While reviewing your brand style, try to imagine what a client feels when they visit your site and if you can, reach out to loyal customers for feedback on changes they would love to see. This will help you determine the ideal imagery, graphics, and visuals for your website.  

    • How Long it Takes to Create Content and Create/Review Brand Style: Getting a professional to create new brand style guide or review your current one could take 1 – 4 weeks on its own depending on how busy they are. Another option could be to get a freelancer on Fiverr to do that.

    STEP 5: Design and Develop Your Site (1-2 MONTHS)

    This is the last stage where you bring all these elements together and get down to work. With a stellar website developer by your side, you will watch your ideas come to life and your website takes a new shape.

    Now, let’s get down to the question:

    So, How Long Does It Take to Redesign a Website as a Whole?

    Iconic Digital World LLC screenshot 2 1
    How Long does it take to Redesign A Website – Iconic Website screenshot 2021
    • How long it really takes to Redesign a website: Typically, planning for a website redesign could take a day, one month, two months, or more, depending on the goals. This may sound like a long time, but keep in mind that there are factors that influence how long your website redesign takes. These factors include; design template, content, SEO, branding, site platform, scope, strategy, and complexity of the design. All these factors affect the overall timeline. So, if you are asking, “how long does it take to redesign a website?”, you have to put these factors into consideration.

    If you are keen on redesigning your website within the shortest possible timeframe without losing touch with professionalism, then you need a touch of the Iconic Advantage. Not only will you enjoy a faster turnaround time, but you also get a percentage fee refund if we deliver your website behind schedule. And you don’t need to worry about the quality of your website. We work with the most sophisticated tools to ensure that we deliver high-performing websites in no time and at a cheaper rate. That is the beauty of the Iconic Advantage. 

    Bottom Line

    Conclusively, redesigning a website isn’t a simple process, and it can take a long time. But if you work with experienced professionals who understand your concept and strategy, the result will be better than you imagined. It can transform your website into a top-quality site that can help you generate leads and double your sales. 

    Table of Contents

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