How Long does it take to Redesign a Website?

How Long Does It Take to Redesign a Website

Before you consider how long does it takes to redesign a website, you must have looked at your brand website lately and concluded that it needed a revamp. However, remember your website is your brand’s window to the world. It creates the first impression of your brand on prospective clients and the longer it stays […]

What Customers Want in an eCommerce Site

What customers want in an eCommerce site

As a business owner, customer satisfaction is your utmost priority. Whether you are planning to launch a product or create an eCommerce site, the aim should be to improve the customer experience. So, you must be on the lookout for what customers want in an eCommerce site. When Jeff Bezos created a website to sell […]

No 1 Latest List of Businesses That Need Websites in 2021

List of Businesses That Need Websites

Do you run an online business? Do you have a startup or small business?  Do you want to make more sales in your business? Then you are top on the list of businesses that need websites. A brand website is your business’s largest marketing tool. It’s just as important as having a social media page […]