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Online Presence is no longer an Option!

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Having an online presence is no longer an option but a must for any serious business owner nowadays. How can you claim to be serious about doing a profitable business with hopes and plans of growing without putting an online strategy as part of your business plan?

Why do you need an online presence?

Online Presence no longer an option1. Your potential customers are there.

People are all over Google every second asking where, how and when. They will get answers. They will also buy their required products and services from someone. The question I have for you is whether they will patronize you or your competitor whose product or service may not be as good as yours? When the required is not available, people make use of the available. You need to have a good online presence.

review2. They discuss your products and services online.

You do not really want your potential and existing customers and clients talking behind your back. Someone is asking about your products and services. They want to know where to get them. They want the best. They need truthful reviews of those that have used them before. If y ou are not there to respond, your competitor will.

3. You will break barriers such as time and geographical limitations.

  1. Time: ecommerceE-commerce has been on the boom in Nigeria for example. Who patronizes them? People like you and I. A lot of people like shopping but what happens if you rise up early to work and come back late? More and more people are choosing the option of buying online. It’s more convenient.
  2. Geographical: Someone I know has a lawyer he has been working with for years now. They are yet to meet physically, but that has not stopped them from successfully doing business. Buyers anywhere in the world can your products or services just at a click away on their computer or mobiles. They have the opportunity of reading details by themselves. They have the option of a live chat, call or email. All this they can do wherever they may be in the world. That is another benefit of having an online presence!

save money4. You will save more money.

Consider how much it takes to rent a business place in your city for example, may be more than enough to start the business itself. With the option of online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, OLX and the likes, you can start a mega-million business at the comfort of your home.

online advert5. Low budget advert for your business is feasible.

Unlike the traditional method of advertising which requires a huge amount of money and whose reach and impact may not be easily tracked, online promotions can be done with a low budget and tracked. Through online platforms like Facebook, you can reach as much as 1500 people with just a 5 dollars (could be lower). This means you can start a business on your computer or mobile phone, advertise it, sell a service without leaving the confines of our home!

Table of Contents

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