Should I Hire a Web Designer or use a DIY in 2021?

hire a web designer

INTRODUCTION: You may have been tricked into believing that you do not need to hire a web designer because you are aware of various DIY methods of building a website. I want you to know that you do not just need a web designer. You need a professional one for your website design. A professional […]

Online Presence is no longer an Option!

online presence

Having an online presence is no longer an option but a must for any serious business owner nowadays. How can you claim to be serious about doing a profitable business with hopes and plans of growing without putting an online strategy as part of your business plan? Why do you need an online presence? 1. […]

5 Reasons your Website must be Mobile Responsive

5 Reasons your Website must be Mobile Responsive

Mobile friendly or Mobile responsive website is a must for any business owner in this age. Do you know that according to Google Billions of times per day, consumers turn to Google for I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy moments. And at these times, consumers are increasingly picking up their smartphones for answers.1 […]