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10 New Reasons to Choose WordPress for your Website

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Can you believe WordPress powers over 37.6% of all websites on the internet? Oh, you should, because it’s true. What then is Word Press? Here is a glimpse of what it is. WordPress is an excellent open source Content Management System (CMS) for creating any style of website.

Having a website on WordPress is one amazing thing you can do for your business. Below are 10 good reasons to choose WordPress for your website.

1. It's Secure:

There is almost no software free of the possibility of threat, however, the vast WordPress community is making sufficient contribution towards making it the most secured CMS there is. There is no cause for alarm, even CNN, The Whitehouse and Coca-Cola use WordPress for their websites. Furthermore, there are plugins that provide additional security features to your WordPress website.

2. SEO-Friendly:

Let me tell you an open secret, John Mueller, Google’s senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, said that WordPress is a great choice for SEO. It has both SEO friendly themes and plugins; this combo make it a SEO powerhouse as described by pixelfish.com thereby making it easy for your site to rank high on search engines.

3. SEO-Friendly:

Ecommerce Compatible: According to 99 Firms’ Ecommerce Statistics for 2020, 95% of all purchases will be via ecommerce. Hence, for your business to be relevant both in the local and global space…and you want it done fast, I suggest go for a WordPress website. One of its numerous plugins called WooCommerce has been proved to make sales easier even for newbies. Iconic Digital World can help you take the stress off. Click here to get an Instant Quote.

4. Easy to Use:

 No individual or enterprise will want to deal with a website that will stress them out. You have your business and other things to think about within a limited time frame, WordPress helps you manage your time as there are loads of free website templates (called themes) that you can choose from for whatever kind of website you desire. That must be one of the reasons to choose WordPress for your website.

5. Sure Future:

It is normal for you to be scared that the future of WordPress is uncertain because it’s free, please take a glass of water and calm your nerves as it is run by a nonprofit foundation with a worldwide team of developers constantly testing, improving and updating it. Also, millions of companies benefit from it.

5. Mobile Responsive:

There are various WordPress plugins for building an excellent version of your web on mobile devices. In a world where we use our phones more than desktops or laptops, it is in your best interest to choose WordPress for your website as there are numerous themes and plugin templates that responds favorably with mobile devices. Of excellent note is Elementor which affords almost anyone to build super creative and intuitive functional and responsive websites. That seems like what should be your top list of reasons to choose wordpress for your next website.

7. Capacity to drive Large Traffic:

If you desire your website to drive high traffic, you have to ensure your website will not slow to a crawl when visitors start trooping in. Companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft choose WordPress this should assert to you its capacity to drive heavy traffic. The choice of web hosting, however, determines your site’s ability to withstand the traffic. Iconic digital World can host your websites or help you make the right web hosting choice.

8. Very Affordable:

You may expect that a CMS with beautiful qualities as stated will be expensive, I’ll like to inform you that it is very affordable. You’re glad right? In fact, the software is free! The only unavoidable expense is WordPress hosting and domain name. Do  you want to know how much this costs? Click here to get an Instant Quote.

9. Feedback from Customers:

 There are various themes and plugins available for this purpose, hence you can improve on services to clients and testimonials from other customers will attract other customers thereby increasing your sales.

10. It can be used for all kinds of websites:

There used to be a popular misconception that this CMS is only for blogging. this has however been proven to be false as various companies as mentioned above use it for their online presence. You need not wait any longer your website is just a click away!

I am glad you now have ample reasons to choose WordPress for your web design, follow this link to get it done at a discounted price. Limited slots available at the discounted rate click now to enjoy the offer.


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Table of Contents

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