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5 Important Benefits of Redesigning a Website

Find out the top 5 benefits of redesigning your website

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This article will get you to know five important benefits of redesigning a website. It is not enough to have a website; your website needs to look stunning and function effectively. Having a website is not the end of the journey of website designing; it is only the first process.

Congratulations as you proceed in this journey!

benefits of redesigning a website
5 important benefits of redesigning a website

Your desire to know the benefits of redesigning a website is a proof that you love progress. Unfortunately, not all website owners know that life is not static; it evolves, technology and the internet inclusive. Redesigning your brand’s website is an investment with a high turnover if only you can take the risk, which is no risk at all.

The same way you grow every day and your physical appearance changes, website designing principles change too. Not upgrading your website at the appropriate time will mean you want your website to become a relic of the previous century. That cannot be your desire for your business.

This article will not only equip you with the benefits of redesigning your website, it will also help you determine the appropriate time for redesigning your website.

When Should I Redesign my website?

At various intervals, you should do some upgrades on your website. It is, however, advisable that you do a proper website revamping for your website at least two to three years from the time of designing. Why should I redesign my website within this space? You are probably wondering. A lot of things will have changed at this point in time. New design principles must have emerged, your brand may have also improved, and increased functionality will be needed to convey these improvements.

Don’t know when to redesign your website? – Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

This article, “when is it time to Redesign your website?” will be helpful for you as it gives you a broader view of when website revamping is important.

Benefits of Redesigning Your Website

1.      Evolving Website Trends:

There is no doubt that website designing has kept evolving since the introduction of the internet by Berners- Lee in 1989. The period of the invention of the website is called the dark age. From that period till now, website designing has never been static. Currently, the website is designed to be more user-friendly than it was in the past.

The needs of customers change every day. When they see something better and simpler, they are most likely to hop on it. Would you not also prefer a simpler option if you were your client? Your clients are humans, just as you are. Even if they are companies, human beings run their affairs.

This article is helpful for WordPress websites. Redesigning a WordPress website.”

When users find your website difficult to navigate, they will run away from it. Always give your audience reasons to come back to your site. Make your website fresh and keep it simple for users to navigate.

2.      Increased Sales

A great marketer is aware of how pertinent a website is to the organization’s sales. Your website is the face of your business when you are not physically available. The perception of visitors about your website equates to their perception of your brand. Their perception, in turn, determines if they would become your clients or not.

81% of prospective clients research before deciding to buy a product. And a great website redesign strategy always aims to optimize the conversion rate on the website, among other things. Meaning if your website is great, your audience will be convinced and patronize you.

How do you feel when you enter a room that is well renovated, re-arranged, and re-painted? You feel very comfortable and desire to stay around for a while. It is easier to have great conversations in such a room. Your clients feel the same way when they visit your website and notice that you have redesigned it to suit their demands. They feel very comfortable and interact with your brand a little longer.

Among many other things, a good website design will include; the creation of great content, beautiful aesthetic, and efficient call-to-action buttons. All of these will lead to an increase in conversion rate and boost your sales.

At this point, it will be in your best interest to choose a professional website designer because a bad redesign can cost you your current client leaving you with no opportunity to gain new ones. You are only a click away from the best website designer who will seamlessly take you through this process.

This article will help you with the right strategy for your website redesign. “Website redesign strategy template.”

3.      Better security

The internet poses various security threats daily, and it will be disastrous if you cannot protect your users from such. One of the proofs that your website is not secure is when your visitors notice warnings like “your connection to this site is not secure” or “site security certificate is not trusted.” The unfortunate thing is that visitors become afraid to proceed on your website at the sight of this threat on your site. If visitors are afraid of your website, how do you convert them to clients?

Protect website users – Photo by Franck on Unsplash

When customers begin to run away from your website, it reduces your opportunity to rank well on search engines. On the other hand, a properly secured website helps you gain customers’ trust, attain a high conversion rate, and protect you and your users from device virus attacks.

You may be wondering, what does redesigning of a website have to do with security? A proper website redesign includes fixing every security error on your site and adding an SSL certificate in the redesigning process.

4.      Improved SEO

Improvement in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the benefits of redesigning a website. Doing great in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) always includes having a super amazing website. SEO and web design go Pari-passu.

  • On the 1st of July 2019, Google began indexing websites based on mobile-friendliness. This indexing applies to both existing and newly created websites. Any website that does not have this in place when it is being built needs a total revamping as it will affect its ranking on search engines.
  • Another hint of the connectedness of web designs and SEO is the content on your page. If you are looking at improving your site’s SEO, you should definitely be mindful of the content you put up. This content needs to be displayed properly if you want your visitors to read them.

What is the use of great content that you cannot read because of a bad page design that repels customers? Great content plus a poorly designed website equals a website not fulfilling its purpose. Your website should be appealing. The color, font, and images must be on point for visitors to feel relaxed and engaged.

  • Also, downplaying your website’s speed will only cause great havoc to your site as customers are most likely to take to their heels at the slightest instance of delay. Your time is important to you; your visitors value their time too. You frustrate your users when they have to stay too long on your website before getting the required information. A little difference like an additional 1 second in load speed can affect your website SEO adversely.

Redesigning your website will help you rank higher on SERPs because a professional web designer will ensure website speed, great aesthetics, and mobile-friendliness, among others.

5.      Staying Ahead of Competitors

If you want to be different from the rest, you’ve got to do something different from the rest.

You will stand out!

Your audience recognizes when you do something great to ease their interaction with your brand. The effect of this is that they become glued to your website. It also increases your organic search as their experience interacting with your site remains fresh on their minds.

With an excellent redesign strategy, you can review the functionality of your site, including all of the contents. With this, everything on your site automatically improves. This whole process refreshes your website and makes you stay ahead of your competitors. With this process, your brand can never be behind because you know your customers’ needs and implement them in your website redesign strategy.

What Next?

It could be stressful trying to redesign your website. Contact an excellent website designer with visible proofs of various redesigned websites to overcome this fear or challenge. The benefits of redesigning a website far outweigh any seeming stress you may go through in the process. It is crucial to your online brand’s success, and you should give it your best shot.

Stop thinking about it, take action! – Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

Catch up with the novel evolving trends in the web designing space, increase your sales, get better security, improve your SEO, and stay ahead of your competitors. You will reap all of these benefits when you redesign your website using the correct strategies.

The wait is over; redesign your website today!

Table of Contents

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