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Making Money fast from your Business Website in 2021

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As a young undergraduate at the University, I realized quite early that I had to start making money for myself make some extra cash if I really wanted to have the full experience of being a student. It was the age of the blackberry so I started selling phones and laptops at the time as a retailer. I would take one or two pieces of phones and laptop units on credit from my suppliers, sell and pay up. 

making money
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Thanks to the inter-connectivity of the Blackberry messenger, I started making money to support myself as an undergraduate. When I graduated, however, the story became different. While the blackberry messenger worked within a closely-knit community like a University, it didn’t work with the outside world. I realized I needed something with a wider reach, but with the same characteristics as a close–knit community. 

The solution to my problem came as a website. With this website, I had a very wide reach, limited only by my imagination. It cost me a lot of money, but I made so much more using primitive delivery methods. A website allowed me to have my community, reach new customers, inform my clients about new arrivals and delivery and so much more. In this article, I get to list several ways in which making money from your business with a great and functional website can be simple and easy.

Here’s something to note – nothing good and worthwhile ever comes easy. For you to make money from your website or attract customers, you must have high quality, SEO optimized content on your page. Each page must contain keywords that will make it easy for search engines to locate your business, and the website itself must be attractive to recent visitors. 

making money
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Here are some Good Steps here:

1. Create and sell your own physical or digital product

This should be at the center of your purpose for owning and operating a website. There must be something to sell or a service to offer–this is the foundation upon which we should build your online money-making venture. You can begin with one product but gradually expand into other ventures according to the needs of your clients. This way, you can create a niche for yourself that will propel you into the next stage. 

2. Making money with Advertising Networks 

Advertising networks are companies that connect websites that want to host advertisements to advertisers. Advertising networks aggregate ad supplies from publishers and match it with the demand of advertisers. This is where the proper optimization of your suite content comes to play. You need to have well optimized content, and careful insertion of trending keywords in your niche within the written text of your website pages. 

These key details enable Ad networks like Google to allocate advertisements to your website. Ad networks pay you every time a user on your website clicks on one of their Ads. If your website has less than 10,000 visitors, Ad networks like Google AdSense, AdThrive and MediaVine will work just fine. If you have expanded beyond this range, a network like Ezoic is what you need. 

making money
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3. Affiliate Marketing 

We can describe affiliate marketing as an arrangement in marketing that ensures that an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic brought to its store or for sales generated from its referrals. Essentially, your business website could carry out affiliate marketing for one or more online retailers. These retailers will pay you for traffic to their site and from every sale made through your affiliate efforts. For you to start making money with affiliate marketing opportunities, you would need to have a highly optimized business website (which you can get at Iconic Digital World), high traffic volume, and be a member of an affiliate network. 

making money
Photo Credit: Affiliate
Marketing via pixabay.com

4. Content Lockers 

This is a pretty new but also effective way of making money with your business website. This tool allows you to block part of a chosen content or some essential pages within the website from users. The blocked part can be seen by paying a subscription fee–we can call this premium content. Popular news websites like the Washington Post and the Guardian, London make use of this system of monetization. 

5. Sell Your Own Ad Space 

Some of the richest blog owners on the planet got their wealth through direct advertising on their websites. You can make here much more money because you’re dealing directly with businesses and not sharing your commission with any affiliate network. This time, instead of advertising through third parties, you get to sell advertising space on your business website directly to advertisers. 

One great advantage of this money-making method is that you don’t have to worry about commission rates, traffic visits to the affiliate sites, or sales conversion. While this has a lot of other advantages, nothing good comes easy. For you to achieve this level of marketing power, your website would need to have not just great, but amazing content. You would need to attract a high traffic volume to the website (much higher than 10,000) and contact advertisers directly to sell your website in person. You just also possess great negotiation and analytical skills and be social media savvy too. 


Anyone can own a website, but not everyone can own a great website, let alone start making money from it. Unlike twenty years ago, however, there is hope for individuals without the technical skills to build or manage a business website with amazing content. Digital companies like Iconic Digital World fill in the technical and creative gap. Firms like this help you with your website, create SEO optimized content for each page and provide fast customer support that has your business running smoothly and effectively. 

Table of Contents

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