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Why Site Maintenance?

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Have your ever heard the phrase “our website is down“?

or “Can you imagine our website/blog just got hacked!?

Also, have you’ve ever been pissed off with a website whose content haven’t been changed for several years?

These and many more were caused by no site maintenance, lack of a proper one and poor content management policy.

Your website is like a constructing a building. You don’t just build and leave. Every building requires regular and constant maintenance for it to keep functioning. You fix roof leaks, plumbing issues and also give a new look by painting! Same goes for your website. You need regular updates and upgrades.

Website development does not end with design…in fact it just started!

Why you just can’t neglect your site content

  1. Negative effect on business and brand. Not updating the content for a long time has a negative impact on your entire brand and business. It can even make people think you’re no longer in business!
  2. Poor Search Engine Rank. Relevance and how current your contents are will determine if you come up on the first ten results on Google or other search engines.
  3. Trust. I don’t really trust old content. Do you? Which will you prefer- an article written three years ago about how to operate mobile phones or the one written early hours of today?

Table of Contents

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