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You need both original and SEO friendly content!

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Creating quality and original content quickly is made easy with our experienced writing services.
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Our Content writing Services

Why You Need Good Content

Articles, blog posts, copywriting, and all forms of content are the new way of advertisement.

Ultimately, our goal is to increase traffic and maximize engagements that would get your readers hooked and coming back for more. This ensures they transcend from readers to customers, therefore helping you achieve your marketing goals.

  • With a fully reactive website and engaging content, you can reach thousands of people without overspending on media ads.
  • In a nutshell, content is one of the most crucial aspects of your site and company at large. Imagine if you can target specific individuals, shape their thoughts, and compel them to purchase your products all by owning a website and stuffing it with the right content.
  • From keywords research that is sure to rank to writing and website management, we have you covered across for whatever you need.

Table of Contents

SEO Content Writing Pricing

Content writing Plan

Article On Your Preferred Topic
Keywords Research For High Volume Topics
Original Content
Website Uploading And Content SEO
Content Per Month

Why Choose Us?

Satisfactory service

Searching for a good freelancer to meet up your content writing services is actually a lot of work, and time-consuming too, especially during the negotiations and variations in delivery. However, you can avoid all the hassle by simply contacting us today and we would provide you with the best hands for your specific desired content. As a company policy, we only allow writers with a background and wealth of experience in what you’re looking for to handle your articles. All you need to do is simply tell us what you need.

Unbeatable Quality

Your satisfaction is our minimum benchmark, and every product that comes from us passes through a series of tests. These include grammar tests, plagiarism, word structure, writing tone and style, and any other specifications you specifically state. Our aim is to help you achieve your marketing goals, and we work to deliver top-notch content to that end.

Complete website management and optimization

We have a package that allows you to simply sit and watch your site run by us! We create, and Upload content to your needs and marketing objectives. During this time, all you need to do is watch our live update of a pre-designed content writing services calendar. We take the hassle off you to provide you with the best possible outcome. This saves you the stress of having to plan content and manage your site, allowing you to focus on what you do best, which is running your company.

What Kinds of Content can Iconic Digital World Help With?

Creative writing:

Creative content writing gets readers hooked on words by expressing ideas and thoughts through the most imaginative ways. Essentially, it is the act of making things up without looking cliché. With our expert hands, we can create just that for you.

Blog posts:

Every business or website now runs a blog to increase its online presence and overall traffic. A blog post should be able to relate to your target audience everyday experience, therefore getting them hooked for updates in the process. Although a little casual, they remain a good source of traffic and customer conversion.

Article writing:

What is your preferred tone? How do you want your company to be perceived by the audience? Well, if you are not sure, we can walk you through and ensure you get it right with the overall online brand perception. Article writing is your weapon to achieve this, and we can meet your expectations if you contact us today.

Product reviews:

Many top companies, including Amazon and Apple, now run affiliate marketing programs that allow you to earn from helping them sell their products. If your business falls within this space, you would need to harness several tools, including a quick responsive and optimized website, and the right content writing services to drive traffic and lead to sales. Sales are compulsory, as attaining traffic alone would be a failure. This remains one of the major expertise of Iconic Digital World, as we create compelling, keywords optimized content to ensure your page ranks first. Not to worry, we are also excellent at keywords research too. You will only be paying for what is sure to rank!

SEO content:

Creating a content without SEO is pretty much useless, this is why spinning up any kind of freelancer to create your articles is such a bad idea. Contact us today, and we can give you the best SEO optimized content that would drive traffic to your site, while not neglecting the fundamental purpose of sales. Content writing is not enough, Search engine optimized content writing services is what you need!


The king of content writing, they say, is copywriting beyond all doubts. Do you need well-structured and compelling write-ups to help you sell products? We have a history of creating the best copies that rake in sales. Sending out the wrong copies for a marketing campaign can pretty much cripple it. Do it right! Get your desired results! Contact us today.

Copy editing and Article rewriting:

Have you seen something you love so much and desired to have such on your site? Well, we can make that happen with complete originality, keeping google off your backs. Truth is, rewriting tools don’t work, which is why we have a team armed to the teeth to carry out such tasks. We offer top-notch article rewriting and copy editing that would be refined to your satisfaction.


Our CopyWriting pricing

300 Words
$50 ($35)
600 Words
$100 ($50)
1200 Words
$200 ($75)
300 Words
$50 ($35)
600 Words
$100 ($50)
1200 Words
$200 ($75)
Original Content
Optimized For Your Preferred Keyword
Keyword Research
Satisfactory Revision
Content Uploading And SEO On Your Website

Other writing services:

eBooks Writing & Design

Website Content


Social Media Posts

What characterizes our content?


We understand that content has to be engaging enough to get readers hooked, which is the first step in turning them into customers. With this in mind, our content writing services draw your readers in, leaving them with no choice but to want more more and follow your call to action invitation.

Error and Plagiarism free:

Of course, an error laced article is a turnoff for everyone, especially your readers and potential customers. For this reason, we ensure that all our content go through professional editing tools, and more importantly, at least two levels of proofreading through a reader’s eye. This way, our content writing come out completely error-free.

SEO optimized:

SEO is the underground work that ensures that your article is found seen by people who are looking for it. With our team of SEO professionals, we would ensure that your article is SEO friendly enough to rank for your desired keywords.

Reader oriented:

An article that resonates with its readers is a step closer to their hearts. This is why we take the time to understand your readers and write for them.

Brand perception inclined:

Before writing your article, we gather data to understand your brand, and how you want your readers to perceive it. This way, we ensure that all your articles are written in the right tone and perception, providing you with the opportunity to shape your readers mind into exactly how you want them to perceive your brand.

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