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Website Design Goals and Objectives

The power of a creative website design for your business

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One of the necessities of the website design processes is to set how you want your business website to look like and according to research by Hubspot shows that seventy-two percent of business websites have received a failing grade of 59 percent or lower. Knowing this would help you adequately set your website design goals and objectives to ensure it reaches long-term and maximum success.

Website Design Goals And Objectives
Website Goals and ObjectivesPhoto by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Setting your website design goals and objectives allows you to stay focused. In other words, your website goals and objective should be the backbone of your website merchandise.  For example, if your website is centered on people patronizing a particular product on your website (clothes and fashion), your email marketing, social media strategies should be channeled towards achieving this goal. For starters, Iconic Digital World handles this perfectly as we are excellent at making sure your website design fits into the purpose of your business. 

Website Design Goals and Objectives

Your website is also a place where you can nurture your bottom of the funnel leads to get conversions. However, you cannot afford to have a website fail which can cause your prospective consumers who visit your website to bounce off

In setting your website design goals and objectives, you must ensure that your website design is a SMARTER website. Setting a smarter website means that your website goals must be:

 S- Specific, so you can work on how you can achieve it.

M- Measurable, which is the only way to track the progress.

AAttainable, it should be achievable and realistic.

R- Relevant which should match the priorities of your business.

T- Timely which should be achievable within a specific timeframe.

E- Evaluated to see if you are getting closer to the purpose

R- Reviewed at any time to see any lapses on the website.

There must be coherence in your website goals and a solid desired business outcome else it will fail. 

With regards to your websites, here are some things you would need to in place whilst setting your objectives.

However, here are some of the goals and objectives that a website design should be designed around. They include:

  1. Brand Image
  2. Colour
  3. Layout
  4. Font and Typography
  5. Website Accessibility
  6. Site Navigation.
  7. Sales
  8. Customer Service
  9. Reducing in Costs
  10. Customer Interaction
  11. Brand Building (Social Media Post, Facebook Ads, Google Ads
  12. Retaining clients

Now, let’s get right to discussing the major website goals and objectives you should know.

1. Brand Image:  

Your website is a replica of your brand and everything it depicts. It is always one of the things people get to look at when they first get to hear about your brand (business) which therefore helps in creating the first impression.

Your Website design elements like colors, fonts, images, etc all bring about your brand identity so you would need to pick out those elements intentionally and ensure it is consistent on your website.

Brand Image
Brand Image – Photo by Medienstürmer on Unsplash

2. Colour: 

Certainly, your business already exhibits your brand color which is in synchronization with your logo and other brand elements. However, if you are designing (building) your website with little knowledge on the directions to go, check out some of our past works at Iconic Digital World for ideas and send in a message for the best service.

If peradventure you would want to register your website with creativity, then you can consider using the colors orange. Then if you would want your customers to assume that your brand is great in the productions of high-quality products, you can consider using the color black as a bit of a blend with your image. 

Basically, you can then pick out colors that would summon thoughts in people.

Colour – Photo by rainforest.arkivert

3. LAYOUT:  

One of the rules of thumb is keeping your website’s layout very simple, neat, and designed in a matter that will bring much attention to the most essential parts. However, the number of menu options or elements in a drop-down menu should be analyzed based on your target audience’s taste.

You can play with a few layouts differently and exercise split testing to know what works perfectly with your target audience. One of the worst decisions you can make for your visitors is to make the grid look messy and chaotic.

Website Design Goals and Objectives: Layout
Website Design Goals and Objectives: Layout – Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Examples of Cluttered website design and how it affects usability is shown below:

Website Design Goals and Objectives - Clusttered Layout
Clustered Layout – PhotoBy WholeGrain Digital

Comparing it with another website that has a cleaner layout to see how it could be structured. The website is shown below also focuses on services but it is more organized using the various website elements well.

Iconic Digital world
Arranged LayOut – Photo By IconicDigitalWorld


The main rule for choosing a font in a design layout is that it should be easy to read and visible on the background color that you choose. This however depends on your audience. For example, young people sometimes prefer more fun and stylish fonts while older people sometimes prefer that clean and simple readable fonts should be used for them.

Your font should also reflect your brand identity and be dependent on if you want to look corporate, fun, and youthful.


Web Accessibility is making online content from websites to other technologies which are going to be within the reach of people with disabilities (auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech, visual). According to the quote which says that “The power of the web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an important facet. Tim Berners-Lee”

Your website design should be in a way that is accessible to all. Which will not only make the experience good for your audience but also be required by law which also means that your website design should also be accessible by people with disabilities.

This can be easily compared with the norm because most website designers and website agencies do not take note of this let alone making an accessible website.

mimi thian vdXMSiX n6M unsplash 1
WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY – Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

However, if you have designed your website yourself or you made using a website design agency, ensure that a well-accessible website is designed. But if this kind of design proving to be challenging, you can make use of accessible to help simplify the whole process which will provide you with a code that you can install so that your website will immediately display an accessible interface.


Easily one of the biggest goals and objectives of a good website design is for your proposed audience to be able to navigate the site easily. 

The major aim of anyone who would want to visit your website is that he or she can immediately find the information that is sought for and your website should make the process easier and help visitors navigate your website without getting sucked on the website.

However, the more comfortable your website is, the more people will want to engage the content and also want to do a return visit on your website. A good website design should be aimed at providing the best consumer experience, which can eventually translate into conversions with good planning.

A perfect example of a well-navigated website is Iconic Digital World. It has a very simple and yet engaging website design where you can get everything you need from the homepage. Whether you want to make a booking for a content writer for hire, check past works and testimonials or explore the different services provided by Iconic Digital World, you can easily navigate to the options through the home page.

Iconic Website navigation-2
Site Navigation – Photo by Iconic Digital World

The simplicity allows you to find what you are looking for. You can easily navigate the site through the top of the page and get the help that you need. 

That is how brilliant the strategy is. Iconic digitals don’t just make it easy for people to get resources but also give an avenue of exploring without confusion. All you need is a clean and simple kind of website design.

7. Sales

In creating your website, it should at least be supplying transactions and structured guides. For example is if your organization is majorly about a lead generation or peradventure you are offering professional services, the more people come to your website and like what they see, the more likely they’d believe you’re best for the job. In the long run, this is a good business strategy for profit. Simply exhibit what you’re advertising to your target audience through your site.

8. Customer Service:

Be creative on how your website receives and handles customer service. An example includes FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and Contact details (Phone Numbers). Remember to also leave your social media DMs open for those who would rather message you there.

9. Costs:

How can your website reduce money spent and how available are the resources online instead of it being way billed? Your customers have to perceive that your services are worth it or else, there is a slim chance that they would return or even purchase anything in the first place.

10. Customer Interaction:

Having a website should not be one-way traffic however, there should be creative engagements using surveys, competitions, articles, etc. This would both attract more traffic and ensure the right individuals retains your business in their minds.

11. Brand Building:

What fill would you want your visitors to have when they visit your website and how does it work well with your brand?

kaleidico 3V8xo5Gbusk unsplash 1
Brand Building – Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

Now you have some great and measurable goals set out for your website, you can, however, begin to map out how you can meet those goals which could be using Facebook Ads, Strategic Social Media Posts, Google Ads, or any form of marketing options to target the right individuals.

12. Retaining Clients

Certainly, your websites should be built to retain clients in the long term. If your business is largely dependent on keeping customers/clients (Ecommerce), do so by creating instructional content on how to get the best out of your products or services. Good options are pushing offers and deals on your website design to your come-back visitors. For example, this could include:

“Drive more traffic with your SEO, Appeal to your ideal Visitor, increase your social mentions”.

Blog and update your popular post: e.g “getting great content that will ensure your website generates renewed income for you”.

Ensure you keep track of all the strategies you implement. This will help you know what works and what isn’t. While building a website as a web developer, always take a look at the functionality of your competitors which will give you an idea of what you want and do not want on your website.

Understand the digital trends in your fields to help you get an idea of where you are and where you hope to be. This will also guide you on how you will run your social and every other paid organic search campaign as well as email marketing programs.


Having website design goals and objectives is nonnegotiable. A well-designed website can help you form a good impression on your proposed customers and can also help you nurture your leads and get more conversions.

A well-designed website always asks how the website has been able to help the customers and how the contents on the website are qualified and easy to use. Plus how fast a visitor can download resources needed from the website with how frequently the website is being updated with innovations.

More importantly, it should have good accessibility and navigate with a good user experience which will help your website visitors easily. So if you are looking for a website designer or website developer to create or develop your website, ensure they are capable of designing a user-friendly and accessible website.

However, if you want to design a website with top-notch features and have a SMARTER goal, contact us at Iconic Digital World for the best designs and other resources you might need. Not sure about what goals and objectives you should set for your website? Get in touch with us to discuss the scope today.

Table of Contents

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