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How to get Free Content for My Website

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Are you looking for ways to get free content for your website?

You’ve probably been roaming the internet and searching for, “How to get free content for my website”.

Well, you are in the right place.

How to get Free Content for My Website
Searching for Free content – Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

But before I show you how to get free content for your website, let’s go back to the basics.

Content marketing is the driving force you need to monetize your brand’s website. Many business owners have found this to be an effective technique for generating leads and boosting sales on their website. Some call it internet marketing for smart people. 

Just in case you’re wondering,

What do you mean by content marketing?

Content marketing means creating and sharing valuable information around your brand expertise, which provides solutions to the problems of your target audience. With content marketing, you can subtly promote your brand by sparking their interest in your products and services. It is one of the best digital marketing methods for your brand.

Whether you have a brand website or looking to own one, you must have a solid content strategy in place. Believe it or not, content is the magnet you need to attract potential customers to your website. Everywhere you look on the internet, someone is claiming to be the best plug for a particular product or service. With the increase in the rate of cyber-crime, people want someone they can trust.

You can build a solid brand reputation by creating content that is beneficial to your prospects. Does your content provide reliable answers to their questions and suitable solutions to their problems? If yes, they will be interested in what you offer. 

Now the question is,

How do you get the best content for your website?

In getting content for your website, you have two options; paid and free content. These are the two alternatives on getting and answer to your “how to get free content for my website” question. Paid content involves paying someone to create content for your website. This way you don’t have to create your content from scratch. You can get paid content by employing professional content creators, writers, graphics designers and videographers. You can also get it on sites with licensed images, videos and articles. However, this can be expensive. That is where the option of using free content comes in. 

I would go for paid content any day because what you pay for is what you get. You can bet that paid content is of high quality. But with free content, there are no guarantees. However, I understand how expensive it is to create an online presence for your brand. That is why I opt for free content sometimes.

Let’s face it. After paying for your domain name, web hosting and design, you may have little or nothing left on your budget for paid content. That is why Iconic Digital World offers website development, management and branding services at a low rate. You can take hold of this Iconic Advantage while I help you learn how to get free content for your website. 

As the name implies, free content refers to images, videos and articles you can get and use on your website free of charge. This content is posted by people who want to see their work published. As such, they are made available for public use at no cost. Amazing, right? I bet now you want to know how I get free content for my website. That is why I’m here to help.

Let’s dig into it. 

1. Guest Posting

Guest Blogging by NeONBRAND on unsplash.com
Visual content on a website – Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

This is also known as Guest Blogging. How to get free content for my website starts with looking for individuals who are open to guest posting opportunities on my site. You’d be surprised at the number of people who would be willing to post their content on your site for free. 

For these creatives, it’s not really about the money but the exposure they will gain from having their content published on your site. As long as you have a credible website with high domain authority, they will be more than willing to be free contributors to your site. 

2. Article Spinners

If you don’t want to employ the help of guest bloggers, you can always spin your old content into something new. Some call it repurposing content. This works best if you have a backlog of old and high-quality articles. With the aid of a site like Cleverspinner, Spinbot, and Best Spinner you can shorten or split long articles, rewrite old articles, and use old text to create new content.

How to get free content for my website just got interesting, right? It doesn’t stop there. You can also turn short posts into long articles, use key points from articles to create infographics, and even translate articles into other languages. 

3. Free Website Content Generator

How to get free content for my website involves knowing the right sources for all the content pieces I need. There are several sites with an extensive database of freely available content you can use on your website. The best part is that these sites cover a range of content for all kinds of niche. So you don’t have a hard time finding content that suits your business niche. However, before using free content, ensure that you read and understand their terms of service. Let me show you how to do that with a free website content generator.

Here a list of resources where you can get free content. 

i. Free Articles

Want free articles to copy on your website? 

You can get them on sites like Amazines, Article Sphere, Article City, Ezine Articles. 

On Amazines, you can find free articles to copy on health, marketing, home-based businesses, relationship, fashion, cosmetics and many other topics. The site has a user-friendly interface, and the articles are available in different languages. Article Sphere uses RSS feeds to give you real-time updates of news and articles published on their site. This helps you stay up to date with new trends and publications that could be useful to your website. 

If you prefer freshly written content by professional writers for free, Article City is the place for you. All you need is to create a free account on their site, and you will have access to the writing services. Ezine Articles is another site where you can find content writers for your website. They’ve got portfolios of the best writers and a large pool of articles to use at your discretion. With this, you are sure of finding a ton of free articles to copy.

Although these sites have great content to offer, there is no guarantee of the content uniqueness. Remember, they are open sites that allow other individuals to copy the same article for their website. Be sure to double-check for plagiarism before using the articles. 

ii. Free Graphics

Free Photos and graphics
Free graphics site – unsplash.com screenshot

If you want to make your website content pop, you must give it a unique visual appeal. Images and graphics are the keys to making your website a tasty eye candy to prospects. With high-resolution images, they will scroll from page to page. 

Not to worry if you don’t have the budget to hire a graphics designer or pay for premium design apps. There are a handful of sites you can turn to for free images and photos. They include Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, Flicker, Freerange and Negative Space. You’d be glad to know that the images on these sites are taken by professional photographers and you can download them in full resolution. You can also get vector images on sites like Vector Portal, Vector4free, Stockio and Vexels. With vector images, you can change and customize them to your taste on Adobe Illustrator.

iii. Free Videos

Video content is the next big thing. Posting videos on your website is an easy way to capture your prospect’s attention and drive traffic to your site. You can post About Us videos, product demos, event videos, and tutorial videos. Creating videos from scratch is a lot of work. That is why people prefer to get already made videos that are easy to edit from online sites. You can find such videos on Pexels Videos, Pixabay, Stock Footage 4 Free, Videezy, Videvo and Clipstill. They are not just free but also high-resolution videos.

iv. Copyright Free Music

How to get free content for my website doesn’t end with written and visual content. I love to hear a soundtrack playing in the background of my video content or podcast. I bet you do too! But you can’t just use any audio or music you find on the internet, even if it’s from your favorite artist. You must ensure that you have the license to use them. Remember that music is also someone’s intellectual property. 

There are platforms where you can get copyright-free music, soundtracks and audio files. YouTube Audio Library has over 150 free tracks on all kinds of modern music genres; hip-hop, rock, R&B, folk, etc. You can find more royalty and copyright free music on other sites like Amazon, Free Stock Music, MachinimaSound and TeknoAxe.

v. Free Idea Generators

If you still want to create your content from scratch but are not sure what to post, this will come in handy. An idea generator gives you a clue of relevant topics you can use for your content. Brainstorming just got easy. With this, you don’t have to rack your brain thinking of what to post on your website. You can use online tools like HubSpot Topic Generator, SEOPressor and Portent’s Content Idea Generator. All you have to do is a keyword related to your business or website theme, and it will give you a range of topics to choose from. 

There you have it! All you need to know on how to get free website content for my website. Now, you are ready to crush your content goals! You can’t say I haven’t done anything for you this year. 🙂

Remember, content is the beauty of your website, but what use is content marketing if you don’t have a website. Want to learn more about building a website for your business? Click here

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Table of Contents

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