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You will agree with me that your online presence is no longer just an option as we can all attest to the fact that building a website is fundamental to the success of any organization. Apart from creating a website for an organization, for selling both physical and digital products, you can also build one for sharing your thoughts (blogging or podcasts).

Here are steps you can follow in building a website.

Are you bothered that you will be left out of the online business world because you are not tech-savvy or because you think you do not have the budget? Don’t worry! You can start building a website by yourself. This article shows you the way out! Don’t stop halfway. Read this to the end.

1. Clearly Define Your Objectives:

Stephen Covey rightly stated that you should “begin with the end in mind.” What is most important to you may not matter to some other website owners, so of paramount note should be the interest of your target audience. Without a set goal, you will definitely not know when you are going astray. A lot of business owners – both large and small have moved straight to website design without first setting a goal.

The purpose of your site determines what kind of plugins and themes that will suit it. What is that one thing that you want your visitor to do when they visit your site? Buy a product? Sign Up to your mailing list? Leave a comment? Vote in a poll? Your answer is your primary goal. Every other thing is secondary.

2. Get a Domain Name:

A domain name is what you or anyone searching for your website types in the URL bar to locate your site. For instance, ““. It is your identity and the face of your brand online. If you have a business name already, you could carve your domain name around it and the values you desire to create with your goods and services. After choosing a name, search for it on any domain name registrar like

Domain Name

If it is available for purchase, you can go ahead to purchase it. You can also generate a domain name by using free tools like NameMesh or Panabee, type in your keywords, the tool generates possible domain names around the keyword typed, and informs you if it is available to be registered.

3. Choose the Right Hosting:

A Web hosting is similar to the estate where your home is. Your home here refers to your domain name. It is also your web address. There’s a cliché that any house built on a faulty foundation will collapse. I’m sure you do not want your site giving you issues every now and then; hence, you need to start with a good host, don’t just jump at any host you come across. Some of the things you should consider before choosing a host are:

  • Reliability of the hosting provider
  • Good customer Service
  • Server Speed
  • User Reviews
  • Cost of hosting and Hidden costs

4. Design your Website:

If you have a low budget or you want a website with limited features, maybe your purpose of website creation is to share your thought. You could create your site with any website builder or Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is the leading CMS for building a Website. Check out our article on 10 New Reasons to choose WordPress for your website. For a more complex website with more features, you should contact a professional website designer. Iconic Digital World will be glad to also help you out. Learn More or Get a free Instant Quote.


If you have carefully followed the steps above, you have started your journey to building a website of your own. Click on GUIDE TO BUILDING A WEBSITE (PART 2)  to continue with the process. At Iconic digital world, our web design services are second to none. Click here to get professional consultancy on your new Website Design or Website Redesign journey.

Table of Contents

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