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Top 10 Best fashion website design for you

A growing fashion business needs a dope website like these

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In the last decade, there seems to be a surge in the multibillion-dollar industry called fashion, with giants like Gucci projected to hit $10 Billion in revenue in 2020 according to vogue business. However, although the outcome was slowed down by the CoronaVirus, many experts predict this forecast to become a reality in 2021. On the flip side of things, other fashion global giants like McKinsey and BoF faced a jaw-breaking 90% profit decline in the industry. This begs the question, “what makes the difference?” or “what did they not do right?” If it’s an online marketing problem, what makes a good fashion website and how does the best fashion website design look? Indeed, they’re many questions to ponder.

More so, the point above even scares entrepreneurs or already established SME owners who are looking to enter the market properly. With the direction of things today, online sales are the future, which is why a giant like Walmart closed hundreds of stores back in 2018. Beyond doubts, online sales are one of the big steps to take if you own a fashion business, and to do that, of course, you need a website, as the days of flyers and posters are long gone. In a nutshell, if you’re reading this, then it’s because you’ve realized its importance and it’s only a matter of how to create that dope website that you so much need.

In this article, we would be discussing everything you’d need to incorporate into a site, to ensure it comes out as the best fashion website design for your business. If you implement this properly, maybe your site could even rival amazon in a year or two. Just kidding, amazon is decades ahead, and that’s not just how things work in this industry. Let’s get down to business. 

What makes a good fashion website? 

What makes a good fashion website
What makes a good fashion websitePhoto by Hipster Mum on Unsplash

Actually, designing a fashion website is totally different from designing the regular ones you come across every day. This is because fashion transforms beyond simple transactions. It’s why a customer would easily pay more without questions when you have a very dope building and awesome interior. Such arrangement automatically gives the feel of quality to customers, and consequently better price expectations. 

Designing a website is exactly the same. Would you want your customers to feel your prices are just right, regardless of what you set them to? Then the experience, feel and aspiration of your site is just what you can use to show them. In addition, the emotions a website evokes play a very important role in a customer’s decision to punch in their credit card number or not. Yes, we know a site needs to be mobile, responsive, quick to load, user friendly, and all of that. However, there’s more to it, which we would be discussing right away:

  • Make optimal use of negative spacing: if you are observant and have browsed top fashion sites (which we expect that you have), one common thing is their optimal use of negative spacing. Now, what’s negative spacing? It’s simply the generous use of empty space. Negative spacing somewhat represents exclusivity and luxury both on mobile and desktop. On the flip side, filling your site with too many icons, buttons, ads or banners is a turn-off for customers.
  • Create a comprehensive brand identity: branding is a compulsory and it is a no-joke area when it comes to fashion websites. This is one of the best fashion website design secrets. You live and breathe fashion, therefore your website should show exactly that. In addition, asides from your primary logo, pay attention to color palettes, fonts for headings and paragraphs, and icon sets. The visual appearance of your website should set a tone for your business.
  • Place photography first: also, always start with taking high-quality HD (non-negotiable) images of your products. Many fashion businesses instead build their site with pictures from elsewhere, and when they finally start uploading their products’ pictures, things start to look sour. Instead, provide all the necessary pictures for your designer to vet before he or she starts working.
  • Prioritize visuals: you’re running a fashion business, no one needs to tell you that visuals are almost everything. Therefore, your site should carry less “hey check out this product, it does…” and more showing of what the product actually is. Fashion customers don’t like to read, therefore give them something to see instead. With the right visuals, you can easily create one of the best fashion website designs that customers would prefer.  
  • Make it unique and unconventional: lastly, your site should not be a copied, but watered-down image of another. Uniqueness is part of branding, therefore ensure you get it right from day one by making your unique site. By all means, your site should look better and refreshingly new. Although it may cost much, it is better to pay a premium than make customers think less of you.

Top 10 best fashion website inspiration for you

Top 10 best fashon website inspiration for you
Top 10 best fashon website inspiration for youPhoto by Sunyu Kim On Pexels

Check out our list of the top 10 best fashion website design that you’re surely going to get inspired by: 

1. Marmont Gucci:

A peep into the GG Marmont Website

Marmont Guci implements the dark mode theme to an optimal capacity, spicing up the background with painting designs. They arguably have the best fashion website design around, with a simple but sophisticated layout that ensures the best and most fascinating user experience.

2. Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger Website Design
Tommy Hilfiger Website Design

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most popular brands in the world, and with their level of success, you can expect more or the same from their site. Their site is made up of an incredible blend of optimal negative space management, and high responsiveness. You surely would not be disappointed.

3. YNNY:

If you thought Marmont Gucci made the best use of the dark theme, then you really need to check out YNNY. The salon and spa website carries a simple and powerful flat design, with all-around sleek blacks. 

4. Gimez:

Gimez Website
Gimez Website

Gimez is one of the “Italian to the core” brands that get you hooked on quality. Impressively, their website features a blend of artisan tradition with complete color illustrations. It is said that these colors represent the shoes they make in the most artistic manner. 

5. Minas:

Minas website Design pep
A pep into Minas website Design

Minas website is another platform that rocks the black theme in grand style. It accurately captures a blend of culture and product representation of the business, shining a bright light on jewellery. 

6. Dolce and Gabbana:

Dolce and Gabbana Website
Dolce and Gabbana Website Design

Of course, there is no way we would draw up a list of websites to grab inspiration from without mentioning Dolce and Gabbana. The simplistic nature of their website has stood for years, with maximum use of negative spacing. You should really check it out. 

7. Massimo Dutti:

A peep into Massimo Dutti Website

Beyond doubts, we know you’re already in love with it, you only need a glance to express the feeling. Massimo Dutti site sits on a bulk of stunning pictures and fewer words which leaves customers dazed and coming back for more.

8. Dior:

Dior Website

Dior primarily produces clothes and their accessories, and that fact is thoroughly represented on their site. The design is really subtle and speaks volumes about the brand. Also, the search button at the top makes it much easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. 

9. Gucci Zumi:

A peep into the Gucci Zumi Website

Gucci Zumi is another arm of the company that owns Marmont Gucci, and although a separate site, its design does not disappoint in any way. It essentially makes use of scroll-triggered animated navigation. There’s hardly anyone that wouldn’t love it. 

10. G-Star Raw:

G-Star Raw
G-Star Raw Website

G-Star Raw is just about 31 years old, and really, their site really looks like it took 31 years of thinking to develop. It is very interactive, with unusual navigation that allows you to stylishly select products. The micro animation that plays when you point your mouse on an item keeps you loving it.


A look at these awesome designs should spark your mind and intuition to create the best fashion website design for your business. Although it might not tell you what you like, at least it’d surely help you recognize what you don’t like. In all, remember to keep it simple, apply negative spacing, stay original and unconventional. 

If you’re confused about where to get the perfect blend of these qualities for your website, or you want that much-desired professional touch, simply contact us at Iconic Digital World. Over the years, we have built hundreds of awesome, responsive and customer satisfactory websites for clients around the world. To reach out to us today, click here. 

Table of Contents

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