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The Different Types of Website Builders

Know the types of website builders and how to choose the right one for your business

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Certainly, starting a business in the 21st century requires much more online presence than in time past. This is true especially when you consider the fact that according to research, about 56% of individuals stated that they wouldn’t trust a business without a website. The importance of a strong online presence for businesses is very important and non-negotiable in today’s market.

However, another dilemma comes in when trying to select the best website platform builder as a business, considering the fact that they are over 20 to choose from.

This is why we have simplified the top 20 website builders in this article, describing each and their strong points to help you select the best for your business. Whether you are a freelancer, a small or large scale business owner, or a tech expert, a blogger, an artist, etc, a nicely designed website will help build customer trust.

In the end, it’s about what works best for your type of business rather than an outright “perfect” website builder. Read on to discover all the information you need to make the right choice!

Types of Website Builders
Different types of website builders- Photo by Halacious on Unsplash

The Different Types of Website Builders

There are different types of website builders that have proven to be among the best. Therefore, it can be a little tricky in deciding which website builders to choose from as a business. We would shortly be running through the different website builders to help you know what they entail and therefore, make the right decision. The website builders are as follows:

  5. SITE 123
  8. WEB.COM
  12. DUDA
  14. JIMDO
  17. ONE.COM
  18. IONOS BY 1&1

These types of website builders are very easy to access and use as some do not even need a skill in coding for you to build your website. Also, there are some websites builders which you can use to build your site for free. 

Here are some tips that would guide you in your search for finding the right type of website builder for your business:

  • Ensure you can try such a website builder for free.
  • Check the Support of the website you are planning to build before committing to a paid plan for your website
  • The pricing plan of each site can be a little tricky. However, before going for the price of a website, kindly check the reviews assigned to the website builder you intend using. 
  • As such that you might want to use a website for your business, you might want a website with your preferred name, not with a personalized email address.

Here is a Brief Description of some of the different types of Website Builders:

 1. WIX: 

Wix boasts a total of 200million users, therefore, making it arguably the biggest website builder at the moment. However, rumors also circle around, about the platform not being able to rank well amongst the search engines.

Here are some of the features WIX offers:

  •  An updated platform that comes out mostly every month.
  •  They offer their business suite which includes CRM, Email Marketing, automation, invoice generator, and video maker
  • A keen eye for design giving hundreds of design templates which you can use for free.
Wix – Photo By Wix


WordPress is used to create blogs which now hold 41% of all websites currently on the internet. WordPress is flexible, customizable, and can be used to create any kind of website of your choice. Iconic Digital World is an outright specialist in designing and redesigning WordPress websites, therefore, you can reach out to us today.

This website builder is free and has very good support, it is also fast and is available to help you with third-party pluggings on your website. WordPress.com allows you to build a website that meets your unique needs. You can see www.wordpress.com.

WordPress– Photo by WordPress


SPACESQUARE is a website builder that has been around since 2003 and has a record of millions of websites created from their platform. It is, not a cheap website, however, they have numerous and admittedly beautiful themes.

SpaceSquare just recently upgraded its features that you can customize all areas (page titles, descriptions, etc). it is a suitable website builder for blogs as no other website builder gives a sophisticated blogging capability with characteristics such as. This includes commenting, google AMP, and the ability to host podcasts.

Squarespace– Photo By Squarespace


WEBNODE is one of the popularly used website builders. Webnode has some features and is almost distinct in the global space. A free domain name is included for the first year of purchase for most of their plans Webnode gives an easy way to create multilingual sites which few websites have. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of Webnode is a very solid one and possesses everything a website would need. You can see www.webnode.com

Webnode– Photo By Webnode

 5. JIMDO: 

JIMDO is a German website builder who has more than 20 million websites to her name. Basically, you require no coding skills though the system promises a working website in about 3 minutes. However, this is only possible when your business is already captured on the database of Google Maps and Instagram.

Also, it requires that you do a little bit of work by adjusting your layout and adding more pages to it. From reviews gotten, Jimdo will help you set up your website in no time. It is also a solid website builder with templates fully responsive and actively displayed on desktop and mobile devices. They offer a free plan for those who want to test the waters first. It is, however, limited. You can see www.jimdo.com

Jimdo – Image by Jimdo


WEBFLOW is a powerful website builder which combines powerful CMS capabilities, with a visual editor. It is fast and becoming a platform for majorly freelancers and agencies. Using web-flow, you have the control to build responsive websites without coding. You can also take advantage of its dynamic platform to rebuild and re-use its elements template, and ensuring design consistency which saves a lot of time and effort.

Webflow has the added advantage of it being easy to use although not free (about $12/month) there are a variety of plans available for individual sites and for those who desire multiple websites.

With Webflow, you have the opportunity in gaining control of every segment of your website design (responsiveness, styling, interactions, etc). Webflow guarantees an uptime of 99.9% impressiveness and the SEO options for Webfow are accurate.

Webflow– Image by Webflow

You can see www.webflow.com

7. DUDA:

This is another blog website builder that has all its basics and template looking great. Their SEO nature makes your blog very decent, while they also have an online store option. Alongside that, they offer “website personalization tools”. Duda as a website builder is easy to use though it doesn’t come cheap ($14 per month which domain name is not inclusive or the email accounts. Duda has stylish templates and unique site personalization tools. They also have eyes for multilingual websites.

Duda– Image By Duda



GO DADDY  is known for its domains and web-hosting, which focuses exactly on providing you with a toolkit to build your website and they run all your email marketing, social media, blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

GODADDY as a website builder is free and also has newly added packages such as social media creator, pages where your password can be protected, and lots more. GO DADDY also has useful additions which include an appointment scheduler, email marketing tool, and messaging feature.

Amazingly, most of them are free. The editor for GODADDY website builder is very easy to use and can be used on your mobile devices at no extra cost. You can check www.Godaddy.com

GoDaddy– Image by GoDaddy

9. SITES123:

They feature on a Multilingual website. It remains one of the best website builders out there with several thousand users opting for this amazing platform.

Their cheapest plan allows you to use your custom domain starts at a minimum price of £12 per month. The SITE123 has a focus language and the point that they provide a decent free plan. In Comparison with other website builders, they still show a small advert in this plan.

SITE123– Image by SITE123


Webstarts is an American website builder that has immersed the hosting of over 3.5 million websites across both their paid and free plans. The platform is simple and easy to use, with several online or e-commerce businesses int he US preferring Webstarts to others. 

Webstarts– Photo by Webstarts

11. ONE.COM:

ONE.COM is a Danish Provider that came into the website building and hosting market a few years back. Since then, they have offered the lowest price range. ONE.COM has provided hosting which has been convenient if you need to make use of both a website builder and CMS. However, One.com can get expensive and is as expensive as that of  WEEBLY and WEBNODE though with fewer features.

One.com– Photo by One.com

One.com possesses a template that is modern and responsive which will make your website look distinct on both your computer and mobile device. They also give solid support, allowing you to reach them live or by email. Also, they are generous with the storage space they allocate to respective sites.


This is a focused one-page layout and can be interesting when creating a landing page for events registrations. Their designs are striking as their name implies and is very attractive on hand devices. One thing about the website builder is that their customer support is very outstanding for those who need help.

Strikingly– Photo by Strikingly

13. WEB.COM: 

WEB.COM  has a product which is a little okay and it is easy to use, the template which web.com gives is nice. The website editor has a solid grip and which makes a beginner understand easily. Basically, with a few explorations, you would be set to build your website in a matter of minutes.

Web.com– Photo by Web.com


Weebly has over 40 million websites created from their platform, the use of their website editor is unmatched, making it unsurprisingly one of the easiest website builders. They possess a content management layout is to give support other large websites.

Also, you are not restrained by any storage limits in their plans. Weebly website builder is not just stylish but also adaptive to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This website builder has a clever page template that allows you to customized it as you like. There is a wide range of extra functionality made by Weebly and third parties and they have Ecommerce is included in all plans.

Weebly– Photo by Weebly


NETWORK SOLUTION is an easy-to-use free domain name and a powerful website builder design tool. You do not need any coding knowledge to be able to design a website from their platform. They have a strong support system and an e-commerce plan available with over 200 plus templates.

Network Solutions is an excellent choice for business owners in search of all the complete packages for hosting your website. They provide online product inventories and immediate shipping and payment packages that make it more friendly to business owners.

NetworkSolutions– Photo by NetworkSolutions


Homestead is a website builder that works in three simple steps. Firstly, you can choose a template for your website. Next is that you can customize your website by choosing from over 300,000 images or you can decide to upload your own. Then you finally go live and upload.

Homestead helps small businesses to grow their presence on the webspace, maintain and promote their site, and sell or market their products and service without having expertise in programming or design.

Homestead offers hundreds of design templates as well as an integrated e-commerce capability with the inclusion of online Business Directories and Weblistings.

Homestead– Photo by Homestead


HostGator is a powerful web hosting builder that features the amazing drag and drop process. Hostgator website builder is an intelligent, and self-creating tool that gives a result of professionally designed websites that are active in no time. It is easy to use, therefore, preferred my many for building websites today.

HostGator– Photo by HostGator

18. IONOS BY 1&1:  

IONOS BY 1&1 is a good choice for the user that prefers the idea of building a website with little or no effort. In IONOS, you don’t need experience in coding, and you can select from a wide choice of templates to achieve the precise feel you are going for. In this website builder, it is easier to upgrade from plans that are meant for total start outs and to those who are at the intermediate level (a little experience)

The IONOS by 1&1 contains features like Visual Editor, Mobile Acceptability, Having Full Access to HTML frames, Website building Service, and Market Support. This website builder is based on the template, where the user will need to choose first from a template that comes reasonably close to what you have in mind before making necessary edits.

Also, all templates that the website builder works with are built with SEO optimization in view. Therefore, users can edit and add meta descriptions manually to further boost search engine visibility.



Shopify is a safe place to begin as most e-tailers. The platform offers an easy and user-friendly way to get an e-commerce website store up and functioning. It supports business owners throughout the process of making with their e-commerce tools.

Shopify offers 24hours support (Phone and Chat) Support and a very active online community forum. However, the builder will have to take care of most of the technical details which will incur extra cost thus, making it one of the most expensive.

Shopify– Photo by Shopify


Big Commerce is the best website builder for medium to large-scale online stores. However, this store site builder is not so easy to use as it requires a huge amount of time to get used to. This website builder possesses a lot of features and flexibility but it can be a little difficult for newbies.

Note that, every website has its uniqueness and limits to its functions however you must have been able to understand which suits your business or blog, art health, legal, education entertainment, etc. 

Big Commerce

Which Website Builder is the best?

However, having gone through all the different types of website builders that might be suitable for you as either a photographer, a business owner, an artist, blogger. Choosing your website is dependent on what you as a  person would want.

However, we would like to recommend that you make use of the WIX website builder as the best website builder which has a simple feature that has made website building easy for you (who does not have a piece of knowledge about coding experience and easy to maneuver templates).


There are a lot of different types of website builders out there and each is specific in their functions and usability and are good for varying types of businesses. They all cut across top professions like (artist, photographer, etc), education, food services, health industry, Construction, and Real Estate Developers. In the end, it’s about understanding your business needs and selecting what works best for you.

However, if you are still unsure of which website builder to use for your business, we at Iconic digital world, can help in designing your website which will allay you of any fears you might encounter. You and your business deserve a professional online presence and visibility. Your website is an indication of who you are and what your business brand represents! Go https://iconicdigitalworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Best-kid-business-ideas-2021-4.jpg, go digital.

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