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Top 7 Reasons why a Reliable Medical Website is what Every Doctor needs.

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As a practicing Doctor, having professional and reliable medical websites might be just the perfect thing. The internet has become the first meet for patients and medical practitioners now. For this reason and more, it is only right that every medical practitioner should have reliable medical websites.

Your website needs to have a friendly, trustworthy, and lasting first impression on the user. When deciding on building a reliable medical website, be certain it is captivating enough at first sight. Also, make sure that it swiftly communicates the right information about your practice, contact information, and patients’ demographic within the first 3 – 5 seconds of viewing it. Thankfully, Iconic Digital World, one of the best hands in Website development performs well in developing a site suitable to your practice and demand.

Reliable medical website for health practitioners
Doctor attending to Online BookingsPhoto by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Jane Weaver, an NBC news writer, reported that about 93 million Americans search for medical information online before visiting a physician. People now go online to search for a doctor, get to know his/her expertise, and read reviews about the doctor before booking an appointment. The importance of creating reliable medical websites is unlimited. Professional websites allow the doctor to attract a new market, educate patients; and increase workplace efficiency. 

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Why is it important to have a reliable medical website?

If you ask this question− “Is a website necessary for my practice?” The only right answer is YES. A reliable medical website is more than a marketing strategy to advertise medical practices, as many assumed, it can do much more than that. It can be an opportunity to grow your practice, establish credibility, and create a positive impression about your business. A study by Accenture revealed that out of 100 large healthcare systems, only 40% of patients can make an appointment online.

According to 77% of patients, being able to schedule, change or even cancel an appointment online is very significant. When your patients enjoy the convenience of scheduling an appointment with a few clicks on their phones, tablet, or laptop, you create a satisfactory consumer experience for them. One survey asked a thousand U.S. adults about their views about online doctor reviews and ratings. If they look out for and trust the reviews.

The findings:

“95 percent of respondents… found online ratings and reviews somewhat to very reliable.”

“70 percent said that online ratings and review sites had influenced their choice of physician.”

“41 percent said they still check a doctor out online, even if they were referred to them by another physician.”

Most of the respondents said they checked the hospital’s website first to read patient reviews.

This article enumerates the importance and benefits of having a professional and reliable medical website.

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7 Reasons to have a reliable medical website

Medical Website
Reliable Medical WebsitePhoto by Anna Shvets from Pexels

1. Communication

A reliable medical website serves as a medium of communicating with the world. It allows you to tell the world about your practices, the service you offer, your office hours, and your value proposition. With your information accessible, it is easier for patients looking for medical help to book appointments. A website saves time.

2. Information

People search the internet often to discover a quick answer to basic health questions. You can constantly update your blog and educate your patients and the public on the outbreak of viruses, diseases, and provide health tips to stay fit, etc. At the end of the consultation with your patients, you can refer them to your website to educate themselves. Patients appreciate this, it fosters a relationship between them and the doctor.

3. Cost

Having a website is a cost-efficient way of marketing, as it is not as expensive as other forms of marketing. WordPress allows you to build a website. However, for a standard and reliable medical website, it is best to contract it to experts, pay a one-off fee, and the site will be created. You can later go for an upgrade as your budget permits. Get a quote, and then you can update or upgrade as your budget permits.

4. Convenience

A professional website can provide convenience to your patients because they don’t need to visit your clinic for a face-to-face consultation more so if they live in a far distance and then realize they require the service of another doctor.

7 Top Reason why Every Doctor Needs a Website - Featured Image
Stethoscope Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

5. Reviews and Referrals

The website is a perfect platform for you to add and highlight your patients’ reviews and your staff members’ testimonials. A satisfied patient will spread words to friends, and word of mouth will help you get more referrals. The first place those referred will visit is your website, even though you will still meet face-to-face.

6. Trust

Another important reason every doctor should have a reliable medical website is it builds trust and openness. Online scheduling provides the patient anonymity, which allows them fully describe their symptoms and express themselves accordingly.

7. 24/7 Business

Having a reliable medical website means you are active in business 24/7. Your website works endlessly, it doesn’t go on vacation, lunch break, or sick leave. Many people surf the internet to search for information in their free time which can be in the evening or even late at night. A website provides flexibility for them to do it at their pace and ease. Even when your staff has gone home, your services are still available. A patient can easily leave a message on the contact form.


As a bonus point, a website allows you to track your activity and also measure the returns on your investments. You can get a detailed statistic about the traffic coming to your website on Google Analytics, for example, the result will show you how your website is performing. It will provide leads on potential patients contacting your office and compare them to the actual number of new patients making appointments. This information will 

There are more reasons having a website is necessary, but these are the most important ones. Every type of information or content you publish on the internet will drive your patients and the public back to your website. 

What are you waiting for? 

You may opt to build your website yourself, and you may contact professionals to build one for you. Whatever you decide, let it involve getting a website today. Do not postpone it, just do it!

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Table of Contents

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