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4 Powerful Secrets of Content Writing For E-Commerce Sites

The relationship between successful eCommerce sites and good content

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People are beginning to see the importance of content writing for e-commerce sites. To explain the power of content writing for eCommerce sites, I’ll walk you through a hypothetical situation that you must have passed through at least once or twice.

So, you are going for a summer vacation and you need sunglasses for the beach. Since you know little about sunglasses, you ask every person’s friend when we have issues; Google. There’s a likelihood that your search would center on the description of the sunglass you want. Your search might look like this; the best summer sunglasses to buy.

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Content Writing For E-Commerce Sites Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

You hit the search button, and results come pouring out. Buyer’s guides, product pages, and reviews come on your screen. After going through these, you realize that the prices of these sunglasses you found were way higher than your budget of $50. So you modify your search to something like this; the best summer sunglasses to buy under $50

Like the trusted friend he is, Google brings you the guides to buy top sunglasses that cost $50 or less. All that remains is for you to select the sunglasses you want through the knowledge of the guides you have read. 

This analogy shows how Google easily connects you to a website that has the content that you need. It is indeed a fact that about 81% of the people who shop online research the product before making purchases.

However, your content must be structured and pulled together well enough to keep the potential buyer hooked.

Tips to help you make content good enough for your e-commerce site

Content Writing For E-Commerce Sites
Tips to help you make content good enough for your e-commerce sitePhoto by Kaleidico on Unsplash

The Audience comes first

SEO keywords and other rules are important to help you with your search engine ranking. However, do not forget that the content you are creating is for actual human beings. They should be your primary focus. It is easy to forget this.

Ensure the reviews you churn out are clear and detailed to the teeth. You need to provide as much information as possible for your potential client. This will help them buy the product they need with informed eyes.

Churning out quality content will help your customers trust your brand. They do not have the luxury of testing out the product before they can buy, so they need to get the best description of what they will be getting. 

Customer Testimonials are important

Testimonials from customers you have done deals with in the past can help your potential customers decide to buy your products faster. Add reviews to the content you write. When customers see positive comments and success stories, it gives them a good feeling about your product. There’s a high likelihood that new customers do business with you because there is a track record of satisfied customers.

Word Count is very important

In content writing for e-commerce sites, your content’s word count is very important. There are two reasons for having a lengthy product review or description:

  • To give your readers detailed information about your product and
  • To make Google acknowledge your unwavering dedication to your audience.

Your audience is your priority, and Google knows this. So, they have expectations you will treat your customers well. But one simple sentence is not enough to show your customers what you sell.

Do not make the mistake of giving the bare minimum information when you write content. Good content writing for eCommerce sites has a minimum word count of 300 words.

Avoid Plagiarism at all costs

I understand it is easier to find other people’s content on a product and just copy and paste them to your website. That would save you lots of stress, right? Wrong! Google heavily sanctions websites that use plagiarized content. It is almost safer to use the manufacturer’s product description instead. However, many other companies will use the same content, so it would be hard to push your content to the people who need to see them. Google could still flag your content as plagiarized.

The best bet is to get creative and write about these products from your well of knowledge about them without using duplicate content

The Power of Content for Sales

Content Writing For E-Commerce Sites
The Power of Content for Sales – Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Content is very important as the market is becoming more and more competitive. Content helps the business grow its audience engagement and also helps boost its image. Its ability to drive sales is second to none.

Without further ado, let us explore the power of content writing for e-commerce sites below.

Assists Online Shoppers to choose a Product

The truth is most people do not have a particular product in their heart when they research what they need. Like the analogy above, the guides and the product reviews help online shoppers to make informed decisions on the product they need. The buyers’ guides open up options for the shopper to choose from.

To have Google feature your website in its search results, create content that can help customers make excellent decisions. You can create buying guides or product reviews.

Shows your market authority

These days, buyers rely more on reviews before they pick a product to buy. They are seeking authority figures in the products they are searching for. When you write product reviews about your product, you begin to make yourself a trusted authority figure in that niche.

Helps to be easily found by Google

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Great Content Helps improve your SEO RankingPhoto by Myriam Jessier on Unsplash

Creating content that answers common questions about your niche helps Google to connect your site to those kinds of products. It is important to create content that pushes your website to potential buyers that need advice on what and how to buy.

Displays the uniqueness of your product 

When you create written content, it sends a message to your potential buyers that you are giving them something unique that your competitors cannot boast of. A business owner needs to, however, stay consistent with content writing for e-commerce sites. Consistency helps maximize the probability of Google pushing your content to even more people.

As a business owner, you might not have the luxury of time to write, edit and proofread various content for your website. So you can contact Iconic Digital World to help you with all kinds of content writing for e-commerce sites.


Content writing for e-commerce sites is one of the best routes to tread when growing your brand. However, your writing style must stay consistent across all your articles. You do not want your ardent followers confused by your diverse writing tones, do you? Not to worry, though. Exceptional content creators like Iconic Digital World can help your brand with its unique writing tone and style with no hiccups.

Table of Contents

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