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Best Lead Generation Website Templates For WordPress Themes

Top 10 Lead Generation Website Templates For WordPress Themes

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Ever considered the ripple effect benefits of a highly effective lead generation Website template for WordPress themes? If you haven’t, this article is just right for you.

WordPress themes are beautiful. For generating leads, they’re the best because most of them are primarily designed for conversion. WordPress has a plethora of both free and paid themes you can utilize. At this point, if you still have doubts about whether or not you should use WordPress CMS for your site, then check this out. With WordPress themes, you can work on various designs. As a result, numerous other big companies use WordPress themes.

Today, many website owners are not aware that lead generation is not only a function of the mode of proposing an offer. The quality of your website also plays a vital role in the conversion of leads. To help you select the best theme to install, we have carefully reviewed the best of the best.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation website WordPress themes
Lead generation website templates for WordPress themes – Photo by luisosorio from FreeImages

Every action taken by business owners is with an aim of attracting prospects interested in their products and ultimately converting them to customers. One of the ways to convert customers is via lead generation. Your company’s lead is who is attracted to the product or service your company offers and also expresses interest. The process of attracting potential customers and getting them interested in what your company offers is called lead generation. The step-by-step process in lead generation is; when prospects get AWARE of your product, they then move on to CONSIDERING your product before they eventually make their DECISION.

Why do you need lead generation website templates for WordPress themes?

Some of the reasons why you need lead generation are:

  • They help with converting your prospects to clients
  • They help to manage various aspects of your lead like connection and redirection
  • They are built to make visitors aware of your products immediately they land on your site
  • They are also very easy to update, flexible and you can customize them promptly

What is the difference between WordPress theme and templates?

A template is a singular page layout that is in a theme. Therefore, a template is not the whole design but rather just a page. Some WordPress themes have special templates while others do not.

A theme affects your entire web design while a template is only effective on one single page. The major difference between them is the number of pages that they affect.

Also, a website can only accommodate just one theme at a time whereas, you can have several templates at a time on your website.

In summary, the point of distinction between WordPress template and theme is in the quantity each can accommodate on the website per time.

10 Highly effective lead generation website templates for WordPress Themes    

Here are the top 10 effective lead generation website templates for WordPress themes:

1. Leadx

Leadx is very responsive. It is also a WordPress theme specially built for lead marketing. It is your go-to theme for building a landing page that should vend your goods and services with ultimate power. With Leadx theme, you don’t need to worry about coding as the theme has special custom-made shortcodes that allow you to display any element with little effort.

Leadx Homepage
Leadx Homepage – Photo by Leadx

One of its great qualities is; decorating your page with a beautiful yet professional outlook. Amidst other features, it has a pre-made sign-up, other forms, and contact form or gravity form. It is also an easy theme for building a landing page.

2. Get leads

Get leads comes with a page builder and novel features you may never have imagined. It is an efficient landing page for marketing products or services on your page. Designed with CSS3 and HTML 5, it makes your site compatible with cross-browsing and responsiveness. Presently, it possesses above 215 element sections and this could increase with future updates. Asides from this, it is an unrestricted theme for businesses, start-ups, construction, health, software, consulting, and web services agencies, Get leads is the most ideal theme for a website. It works well with any kind of website.

To help promote your business, it comes with 9 marketing singles of which you can select any according to the requirements of your business. It comprises loads of page variation options that help engage your site and improve your overall business. Also, it possesses sliders that help display your business’ goods or services in a very appealing manner.

Not only that, it has above 900 icons to improve the way the content looks. It also has unlimited color options. You can change the color to whatever you desire. Furthermore, it is optimized for all screen sizes. It works perfectly on iPad, desktop, tablet, and mobile. Get leads is simply one of the best lead generation website templates for WordPress themes.

3. Black Riders

Black Riders theme is a very elegant looking and simple theme which possesses various options for customization. These customization options can be twisted by option panels such as background, intro texts, and logos. It is one of the great lead generation website templates for WordPress themes. The front page is organized in such a way that racks up leads directly from your site’s homepage. It has a distinct inbuilt lead generation form too.

Black Rider Pro
Black Rider Pro – Photo By Black Rider Pro

The design of this theme is well made with astounding features. It also has the feature for easily customizable lead capture. It is accompanied by a full-width slider on its homepage. However, this slider can show not more than eight (8) images.

The home page sidebar of the theme has a button that looks like a Facebook icon which keeps you on track of your site’s popularity on social media. In its footer section, various social media icon is available, they allow you to navigate through other pages connected to your website with ease.

One of its amazing features is the blog featured area where you can publish your latest articles to captivate the interest of your audience. Consequently, your posts will always be made available on the homepage coupled with a thumbnail and description.

4. Phlox pro

If you are a business web owner, then Phlox pro is one lead generation website template for WordPress themes that’s worth considering. Arguably, this is the best multipurpose theme you will ever come across especially as it is powered by Elementor.

It possesses above eighty (80) Elementor demos that make things easy. All you need to do is import and edit it on Elementor. It is superb for any form of website including; business, blog, food, transportation, travel, engineering, and other kinds of websites. Phlox stands out from other themes in that, it is highly responsive, and it is set up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Not only that, it is Woo Commerce ready anytime, compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has thirty unique elements and widgets, and out of the box ready for WordPress Multilingual (WPML) command. The WPML allows you to interpret the text that originates from plugins and themes from your website.

Phlox pro
Phlox pro – Photo by  Phlox pro

5. Howdy

Howdy is one of the very flexible and easy to customize WordPress templates. You can easily build content, header, or footer on it with Elementor page builder. It also has Contact form 7 and allows you to use custom fonts, it is compatible with the browser and has a high-speed performance. With it, you don’t need to worry about SEO because it is optimized from design.

In addition, the template on the landing page can be used to promote websites apps and mobile applications. The first release of this theme was by TemplateMela, one of the most talented WordPress developers. Although primarily designed for those using WooCommerce, it can be used by other websites too.

To get a howdy theme, you can easily access it in the corporate and marketing categories under the WordPress category. You will find the set-up very easy and quick.

6. The SEO

The SEO lead generation website templates for WordPress themes take care of all your SEO worries. It is simple to use with uncomplicated navigation. This theme is the recommended theme for a Marketing or SEO agency. It has 5 versions of designs and over 300 pages of samples of pre-designed content blocks together with a call to action. “The SEO” website theme is very easy and effective to utilize. It is designed for SEO agencies, digital marketing agencies, Digital Advertising agencies, Landing pages, corporate websites, lead generation experts, and the likes.

It has several features such as optimum add-on visual composers, SEO icon set, 4 divers headers style, slider revolution, unlimited colors, and many others. It is a very effective agency that provides a speedy website for you to maximize. With its various colors, it is easy to customize top-notch visual and functional flexibility for every part of your website and landing page.

7. Landkit

Landkit is also an Elementor template. It is a multipurpose business WordPress theme that has adjustable Elementor widgets. This design is very appealing and good for contemporary style, its images come with a free-to-use license, two icon-set, HK Grotesk licensed for free extended use.

Landkit – Photo by Landkit

With landkit you would not have to worry about building cross-browser compatibility. This is because the Elementor library is ever-growing and filled with numerous pre-designed templates and widgets that will make life elementary for you. It has very good typography, with very few CSS and JS files with a very fast and smart load time. It is also packaged with reusable blocks. All of these are to make things easy for you.

8. Grow theme

Evidence of its awesomeness is in the fact that more than 2,920 live websites currently use Grow theme. If you are looking forward to growing your e-mail lists, this theme is best for building your website. It helps you grow your blog with no hassle integrating proven list-building strategies.

Email marketing has proven to be the most competent marketing channel, knocking off the likes of affiliate, SEO, and social media marketing. Above 4 billion people use email. This is good news for marketers! A very good, targeted, and responsive list of emails can improve your growth by over 80%. This is where grow theme comes in as it is completely optimized for email marketing.

This theme is perfect for any business or blog site. It also goes along with full width easy to use a slider, attractive built-in homepage layout, and responsive theme layout. With this theme, it is easy to add a logo to your site. Just like Phlox pro, it has translation plug-ins like WPML, Polylang, and WooCommerce.

9. Spyro

Spyro is a very high converting lead generation website template. You are free to choose any of its 10 phenomenal pre-built demos that you can use as the foundation for your website. It is so perfect for lead generation companies, advertisers, or marketing agencies. With Spyro, you can link your brand to various social media platforms to help generate more leads and eventually convert them.

Spyro – Image by Spyro

It also comprises features like WPML to serve people. Its template is creatively built and comprises a compelling visual page builder. This theme attains an appreciable balance between the presentation and the purpose of a website. You can easily build a form on your website without coding knowledge with Spyro as it comes with a quick form builder.

Spyro is customizable. You have the freedom to customize the color, topography, responsive control, and the likes. It also stores and manages leads. Just like Grow theme, it has MailChimp which can be used for your mailing list. It is perfect for conversion and reduction of bounce rate. If you desire to take your marketing to the next level, you should certainly consider the Spyro WordPress theme.

10. LeadInjection

This theme is built with Bootstrap version 3.x., HTML, and CSS3. It is equipped with a very robust base. It allows your visitors to have a great experience on the landing page of your website. With it, you can also create capture forms with no input from a developer. With the Lead Modal plugin in this theme, you can customize attractive call-to-action forms that will pop up when you click on a button, text, picture, or link.

Leadinjection – Photo by Leadinjection

It has various lead generation tools like; exit-intent lead modal, lead modal trigger option, lead modal animations, smart lead modal links which help convert any link or image on your site to an opt-in window of opportunity. It is a perfect theme for affiliates, professional marketers, and business owners. The lead modal animation is also structured to help attract potential clients with the animation effect.

The lead injection theme comes with over 800 font icons where you can choose various colors or sizes for your content through shortcodes. It is fully responsive and the websites built with it are compatible with tablets, desktops, iPad, or mobile. It also contains Slider revolution, YouTube integration, google map which helps display location. Vector icons crafted with the pixel-perfect standard are one of its outstanding features.


Although there are over a thousand WordPress themes to choose from, we have carefully filtered and selected the best for you. With super effective lead generation website templates for WordPress themes, your website would never fall short of generating leads for your business.

Also, when considering which WordPress theme to choose for your website, one of the things that should be on the top of your consideration list is how effective it can generate leads. After all, every website owner desires to get conversion or sales from their site.

Reach out to Iconic Digital World today for any challenge you have with your site.   

Table of Contents

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