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How to Open an Online Store in Canada

The place of an online store in a successful business today, and elements that make a good one

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Starting an online business has never been easier. However, it is shocking that most people do not know how to open an online store in Canada. They have not looked into the possibility of replicating their physical shops to an online base. We have had the internet for well over two decades, and its limitless possibilities still abound in what we can achieve with it. Its evolution has seen that you do not have to be technically skilled to build a successful online store presence.

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The place of an online store in a successful business today

In this age, businesses understand the place of online stores in their success. An online store frees them of the shackles of manual sales. Customer interaction is taken to a whole new level as well. That’s why it has become important that businesses learn how to open an online store in Canada. Some benefits of having an online store include:

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  • Anyone in the globe can access your store at any time.
  • The client service is more flexible.
  • The cost of maintenance and showrooms/stores is reduced
  • Delivery of products is quicker
  • An online store also gives the business an air of professionalism
  • You can run your business from any place in the globe.

These days, customers would rather visit your site to check your products or services than seeing visiting the physical shop. They will get all the information they need on your product in the store. They will also expect your contact information to be present on your site so that they can reach you quickly.

Elements of a good online store

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When brainstorming on how to open an online store in Canada, you must consider a few key elements that will aid the outlook of your online store. Not adding certain elements might not allow your online store to be highly optimized. So here are some important elements that will make your business the best online business in Canada.

i. Clear Product Information

Most people will never buy a product without seeing the information of the product. Descriptions like the name of the product, its price, and the product’s description. Other information that needs to be on the product information section are:

  • The Product’s dimensions
  • Available options in terms of size, color, among others.
  • The name of the Manufacturer
  • The Product’s Availability
  • Similar products
  • User reviews

ii. Top-notch Product Images

Your potential clients will not be seeing the products they want to buy directly, so they have to place their faith in the product picture you have provided. If you put in the work to provide quality pictures for each product, the chances of making sales increase. Do not use a picture that does not look like the actual product you have placed in the store. Users should also be able to zoom in and out of the pictures.

iii. Range of Products

When there is a variety of products in your store, there is a high tendency for online shoppers to make more purchases as they glide through your galleries. You will lose out on sales if the product range is limited or if you run out of stock too quickly.

iv. Security

An online store takes the information of its users when they make purchases. These are sensitive information that must not be leaked out. The security of the information you receive must be tight. The same goes for the card payment information as well.

v. Seller Information

A person should easily find the necessary information about you. You should also add answers to any question that might come up.

  • Your online store must have an ‘about page’. You give them firsthand information on what you can do for them.
  • Your online store should also have a FAQ section where shoppers can get answers to inquiries on payment, shipping, and returns.
  • Finally, there should be a contact page that provides information for all customers to reach you.

vi. Exceptional Website Design

The user experience is very important when creating an online store. It is no good when the users are not enjoying the shopping experience in a terrible design. You can contact Iconic Digital World for your awesome website design.

Steps to Creating your online Store

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Steps to Creating your online StorePhoto by Sigmund on Unsplash

Now, this is the major side of how to open an online store in Canada. Most people do not know how to set up an online store, so we will put you through on a step-by-step basis. These few steps will give your business a substantial boost. You must perfect them before the website is operational. They are:

i. Domain Name

You needed a website address to have sales online. It is very important that the address reflects your business. Make sure it is short, relates to your business, and make sure it easily sticks to people’s heads.

There are many e-commerce platforms available and there is little or no coding knowledge necessary. You might be charged a monthly fee for you to use their platform. An example is Shopify.

ii. Find Your Unique Selling Point

Most people have the business idea in their hearts already. There are a vast number of people who render the same services you render. You must be able to show that your products and services are unique in the stead of the preexisting status quo.

iii. Know Your Market

Knowing your target market is also very important. You need to tailor your messages and marketing to better suit the people that would love to buy from you.

iv. Optimization of Your website

You need to make sure people can find you after your website is up. The website has to be optimized to bring traffic to the website. One way to go about this is Search Engine Optimization. This way, people can use Google’s search engine to find your page’s helpful content.

v. Tell everyone!

Make sure everyone that needs to know knows everything about the business. Make sure that your way of spreading the word is cost-effective as well. If you decide to run promotional ads, you might end up spending money you did not expect you would spend.


Now that we know how to open an online store in Canada, the next step is to implement it. If the process is too tedious for you, do not worry about it too much. You can outsource it to an agency. One of the best around is Iconic Digital World. Your store will be set up swiftly and with no hassle once you contact them.

Table of Contents

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